Best Playstation Extended Warranty Service Plan

A new Playstation console is just about the best purchase a gamer can make. It is an expensive purchase, though, and gamers are rightfully protective of them. If you’re looking to be extra protective of your console, purchasing a Playstation extended warranty plan is a smart choice.

Who Offers the Best Playstation Extended Warranty?

Upsie offers the best Playstation extended warranty. Their plan and deductible prices are some of the lowest in the industry, but their coverage is the same. Everything that the plan covers is clearly outlined on their website for you to review before you purchase a plan. Additionally, their customer service is easy to get a hold of because they truly want to serve their customers well.

What is Covered Under an Upsie Playstation Extended Warranty?

The Playstation extended warranty from Upsie offers two types of coverage in one plan. First, Upsie extends the manufacturer warranty that comes with the console. Secondly, Upsie protects against accidents like drops and spills. Here is a complete list of coverage:
  • Accidental drops
  • Liquid damage and spills
  • Mechanical failure
  • Speaker/sound failure
  • Power failure
  • Hard drive failure
  • Wifi failure

Does Upsie Cover My Playstation from Drops and Liquid Spills?

Upsie does cover Playstations and other consoles from drops and liquid spills. Accidentally knocking your soda over on it? Covered. Catching your foot on the cord and knocking it down? Covered. Standing up too fast with the controller on your lap? Covered. Standard manufacturer warranties, which come with the console, do not cover accidents.

Can You Buy a Warranty for PS4 After Purchase?

Absolutely! You have up to 60 days after purchase of the PS4 to get an Upsie console warranty. The purchase is done completely online so you can do it on your time with no pressure from sales reps. A new PS4 is currently priced at $299.99. At this price point, a two-year Upsie warranty costs $34.99 and a three-year Upsie warranty costs $49.99. Compare those prices to a standard PS4 repair price of $125. Even after paying the deductible, you are saving between $65 and $75 for one repair.

Do PlayStation Controllers Have a Warranty?

Playstation controllers and consoles come with a manufacturer warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Accidents like drops and spills are the most common mishaps, and they are not covered by the manufacturer warranty. Luckily, Upsie offers comprehensive warranties that extend the manufacturer warranty and also cover accidents.

How Long are PS4 Controllers Under Warranty?

Upsie controller warranties are available for two or three year terms. Accident protection begins thirty days after purchase of the plan, and extended manufacturer protection begins after the manufacturer warranty ends.

Can I Get an Extended Warranty for Controllers?

Extended warranties are available for consoles and controllers. You can check out Upsie’s controller warranties on their website.

Are Other Playstation Accessories Covered?

Only the playstation and controller are covered under Upsie’s warranty. The cables, power cords and mono headset are not covered. If you purchase a gaming headset separately, Upsie does offer headphone warranties.

Do I Need a Receipt for a PS4 Warranty?

In order to activate your PS4 warranty from Upsie, you do need your PS4 purchase receipt. The reason they ask for this is so they can store a copy of the receipt in their system. That way, when you call to make a claim, they already have your device information; no searching through drawers or old emails to find the receipt.

Does Upsie Offer Extended Warranties for Used or Refurbished Playstations?

Upsie offers extended warranties for new, used and refurbished Playstations purchased within the last sixty days. New consoles must come with at least a 90-day manufacturer warranty. Used or refurbished consoles must come with at least a 30-day sellers warranty, or have 30 days left in the original manufacturers warranty, to ensure they are in good working order.

How Does the Claims Process Work?

Because Upsie already has your console receipt, making a claim is quick and easy. When you log into your Upsie account, locate the warranty plan and either call the claims number listed or fill out an online form to start your claim. An Upsie representative, from their claims office in Florida, will walk you through the claim. Upon claim approval, the representative will collect your deductible and schedule a repair appointment for you.

Who Can I Contact if I Have More Questions?

Want to learn more about Upsie’s extended warranty plans? Contact them on their website, Facebook or Twitter pages. Alternately, give them a call at 1-877-844-7745 Monday-Friday 10am-4pm CST.

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