PlayStation Gamer’s Guide to the Best PS4 or PS5 Warranty

Gaming on a Sony PlayStation is a crazy good time, whether you’re rocking the latest and greatest PS5 or still gaming on your older PS4. But you know what isn’t great at all? Getting stuck with no PlayStation gaming because your console bites the dust.
While PlayStations are generally well made, there are plenty of issues that can crop up. Some will mess up your gaming experience, while others will grind your machine to a screeching halt, never to play again.
One great strategy for protecting against this kind of problem is to purchase an extended warranty for your PS4 or PS5. The manufacturer warranty from Sony lasts one year and is limited to “material defects in material and workmanship.” But what happens if something goes wrong that Sony won’t cover, like a drop or liquid damage? Or, what if something goes wrong on day 367 of owning your console?
That’s where an extended warranty protection plan kicks in. There are several PS4 or PS5 warranty options, and you’ll find a guide to some of the most popular ones below.

Sony Protect and Protect Plus

The first option many people look for when purchasing a warranty protection plan is getting one from the manufacturer. These first-party plans are popular, with AppleCare being a well-known example. The thinking is that the manufacturer is particularly invested in the customer experience, and they know their own devices better than anyone else.
The biggest problem with first-party plans is usually cost. And since Sony has kept their pricing for Protect Plus an industry secret (seriously — you cannot find out how much it costs without first registering your console), it’s a good bet they aren’t exactly competing on price.
For whatever princely sum Sony wants, you do get extended first-party coverage up to and including replacement (though with a refurbished console). If you upgrade Sony Protect to Protect Plus, you also get accidental damage protection, plus removal and reinstallation (though they’re certainly referring to larger items like TVs with that “perk”).

Retailer-Based Plans

If you’ve ever bought a console at a brick-and-mortar retailer, you know the drill here. Inevitably, the cashier will attempt to sell you some vaguely defined extended service plan. This at-the-register approach has even extended to online sales, such as with Amazon.
The details vary by retailer, of course, and many retailers aren’t really selling their own products. Amazon is repackaging SquareTrade warranties, for example. Best Buy does offer their own branded warranty through their Geek Squad division.
The problem here is that retailers know you’re a captive audience. You can’t exactly pull out your smartphone and start comparison shopping right there at the register. So they charge a hefty premium and sometimes shortchange you on service quality, banking on the fact that enough people will sign up to make it worth the effort.
Most of the time, the best plan with a retailer-based service plan is to walk away.


SquareTrade gets by on name recognition, mostly, as it was the go-to destination for cheap warranties a decade or two ago. Unfortunately, prices have gone up considerably in those decades. The coverage is good quality, and you’ll likely have a straightforward experience if you need to make a claim. But as far as value, well, the plans are pretty expensive.
With SquareTrade, there’s no deductible for accidental damage claims. You simply choose between a standard and an accident protection plan, with the latter plan being higher in price.
A three-year SquareTrade PS5 warranty will run you $119.99 with accident protection and $84.99 without. But without accident protection, is it even worth having?
Prices on a $289 PS4 are more reasonable, at $74.99 for accident coverage and $49.99 without.


Upsie offers industry-leading coverage at prices so low you’ll look twice. As a third-party warranty service, Upsie earns your trust on service alone and allows you to choose how to repair your broken PlayStation. You can choose local repair and even request to use the shop of your choice, or you can ship it in to Upsie’s repair team.
Three years of extended Upsie coverage with accident protection costs:
  • PS5 (priced at $499): $74.99 with a small $25 deductible
  • PS4 (priced at $289): $49.99 with a small $25 deductible
That’s less than what SquareTrade charges for their plans without accident protection! Upsie also offers two-year plans if you need to save even more. Several others don’t match this benefit.

Upsie Is the Clear Winner

If you’re looking for the best and most affordable PS4 or PS5 warranty protection plan, the winner is clear. Upsie matches or beats the service offered by other brands at prices they can’t touch. Ready to get protected? Get Upsie today.

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