Compare PlayStation Plus Vs. PlayStation Now Subscriptions

CNET criticized PlayStation for offering confusing subscription options, but they also admitted that other companies appear to suffer from the same problem. As an example, they also found Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass’s various subscriptions challenging to choose between. Hopefully, this article can help PlayStation owners sort out the alternatives to select the best online gaming subscription.

PlayStation Plus Vs. PlayStation Now

Both PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions cost $10 a month. Players can get a half-price deal by opting for a one-year subscription for $60.

PS Plus

PS Plus offers online multiplayer games, PSN Store discounts, the ability to save in the cloud, and access to free games each month. The subscription includes extra free games from various PS devices, including the PS4, Vita, and PS5. PS5 owners also gain access to a library of great PS4 games, including Uncharted 4, God of War, and Bloodborne.
These are some new PlayStation titles that may appear on the service. After the subscription terminates, the player will lose access to the free games. Note that players can still access some free games, such as Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite without a subscription.

PS Now

PS Now offers cloud access to hundreds of games for PS4 and PS5 owners. Sadly, PS Now doesn’t appear to offer many new titles, and the newer ones that do appear don’t seem to stay long. Sony recently upgraded some games to 1080 resolution, but that’s still not close to the 4K resolution Stadium offers.

Is PS Plus or PS Now a Better Choice?

PS Plus appears to offer better value with its access to newer games and multiplayer ability. Also, having the option to save in the cloud makes it possible to switch devices during the course of a game.
Sony announced 41.5 million PS Plus subscribers and only 2.2 million PS Now subscribers. PlayStation owners who have to choose one will generally gravitate to PS Plus. Nostalgic players who want another chance to play some of their old favorites might decide to add PS Now. With the one-year subscription option, players can get both for the price of just one when paid monthly.

Why Buy an Extended Warranty for PlayStation Gaming Consoles?

Whether you get PlayStation Plus vs. PlayStation Now, you’ll have access to plenty of exciting games. Plus, additional features such as cloud saves and multiplayer gaming will make the consoles and handheld devices more valuable and fun.
When these gaming handhelds and consoles get used regularly, they’re much more vulnerable to uncovering defects, premature wear, or even accidents. Meanwhile, the limited warranties from manufacturers only cover defects for the short time that it remains active.
Just about every online or local retailer will offer an extended warranty. They promote these third-party warranties as extra income streams, and very often, customers find they contain lots of exclusions and hassles. In contrast, Upsie focuses only on offering protection plans to their customers. With an Upsie PlayStation warranty Upsie customers:
  • Enjoy protection from accidents, wear, and defects no longer covered by the limited warranty.
  • Gain access to 24-7 live claims and local and ship-it-in repairs.
  • Pay up to 70 percent less than other well-known warranty companies.
Even better, cutting out intermediaries means lower costs and better service for consumers. Competitive manufacturers can make it hard to choose between various consoles, games, and services. Upsie makes it fast and straightforward to select the best warranty plan. Besides gaming consoles, Upsie also covers PCs, smartphones, and many other devices.

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