Comparing Best Buy Warranty Options for Apple Devices

Whenever you purchase a new device, you should pair it with an extended warranty to protect it from damage because they make sure that repairs are always affordable. If you purchase a device from Best Buy, you can have the option to get AppleCare+. However, AppleCare+ isn’t the most affordable option. Instead, choose Upsie.

Best Buy Warranty Options for Apple Devices

Best Buy is an official retailer for Apple; they sell iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Macs, AirPods, and more. In addition to selling Apple products, Best Buy also sells AppleCare warranty plans for all eligible Apple devices.

Geek Squad Protection

Although Best Buy used to offer Geek Squad protection for Apple devices, they recently partnered with Apple to sell the official AppleCare+ plan. This means that you can no longer purchase Geek Squad protection for Apple products. However, if you have a pre-existing Geek Squad warranty for your Apple device, Best Buy will continue to fulfill the warranty coverage.

Here’s what you should know about the Geek Squad warranty (sold with non-Apple devices). The Geek Squad usually offers comprehensive protection specific to the device you’re purchasing. With a Geek Squad warranty, you get accidental damage protection for most devices as well as protection from manufacturing defects. In addition, Best Buy doesn’t make you purchase the warranty at the checkout counter. Instead, you can buy the warranty up to 60 days after purchasing the product.

The main downside of the Geek Squad is that the plans are expensive. You’ll often pay significantly more for the cost of coverage compared to warranty plans from Upsie. For example, if you buy a $799 HP laptop from Best Buy, the Geek Squad protection plan will cost $199.99 for two years and $249.99 for three years. In contrast, Upsie’s warranty for the same device is $121.99 for two years and $179.99 for three years. With the two-year plan, you save over 40% on the cost of coverage.

Similarly, Upsie’s warranties are more affordable than those from AppleCare.

AppleCare Protection Plan

AppleCare+ offers similar coverage when compared to the Geek Squad and Upsie. There are two main differences between AppleCare+ and other warranty providers.

First, AppleCare+ limits your service to the Genius Bar and a few authorized service providers. This means that if you live an hour away from the closest Genius Bar, you’ll still have to make the drive every time you need a device repaired. Plus, the Genius Bar often requires an appointment, which could be days away. Many customers prefer having the flexibility that Upsie’s warranties offer. Upsie allows customers to request their preferred repair shop or go to one of their nationwide independently owned repair providers with same-day repairs.

Next, like the Geek Squad, AppleCare+ is expensive. For example, a three-year AppleCare+ plan for a $999 Macbook from Best Buy costs $199. In comparison, Upsie will warranty the same device for $179.99 for three years. Upsie also offers a two-year warranty for laptops (something that AppleCare+ doesn’t offer through Best Buy).

AppleCare+ also has incredibly expensive deductibles for laptop repairs. Each service claim is subject to a service fee of $99 for screen damage and $299 for other damage. Comparatively, Upsie has a deductible of $25, regardless of the type of damage (including a full replacement).

How Do You Purchase a Protection Plan From Best Buy?

If you’re shopping online, you can buy the Best Buy warranty by adding it to your cart. Under each product, you’ll see the recommended warranty. On the other hand, if you don’t want the warranty, simply don’t add it to your cart.

In-store, the employee at the checkout counter should offer a warranty with your purchase. However, don’t feel pressured to buy the warranty in the store. We suggest turning down the protection plan at the checkout counter and browsing other available warranty options. If you want to purchase AppleCare after researching other plans, your Apple device is eligible for AppleCare from Best Buy for up to 60 days after purchase.

You can also purchase an Upsie warranty for Apple laptops, tablets, and watches bought in the last 60 days. As of 2022, they offer a smartphone subscription warranty for smartphones of any age with no pre-existing damage.

Why Upsie Is the Better Option

Not only is Upsie more affordable than the Geek Squad and AppleCare+, but Upsie also offers two-year and three-year warranties for used devices. This includes laptops, tablets, and more.

In addition, customers can make 24/7/365 claims and have access to amazing customer service. Claims are easy to make and Upsie will help you schedule a repair with an independent repair shop in your area. If repairs don’t make sense, Upsie will replace your device on the first claim! Plus, if you sell your device, you can transfer it to the new owner, which could increase the resale value of your device.

Another great warranty option from Upsie is the smartphone subscription warranty. This warranty costs just $9.99 per month with a $0 cracked screen deductible (the lowest deductible in the industry). You can purchase Upsie’s smartphone subscription warranty at any time as long as your smartphone has no current damage. This means you can purchase a warranty for new, old, and used phones. Customers can make two claims per 12-month period, and they can cancel the warranty at any time with no penalties or fees. The warranty covers accidental damage, power failure, battery failure, and more!

Get the best protection for your Apple device with Upsie.

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