Is a Warranty for Your Sony Device Worth It?

Key Points

  • Sony’s limited warranty only lasts one year and only covers manufacturing defects.
  • An extended Sony warranty will lengthen your protection and some add additional coverage.
  • Upsie offers the best, most comprehensive warranty for Sony devices.

Protect your Sony device with an Upsie warranty today.

Do All Sony Devices Come With a Limited Warranty?

Sony’s official products come with a limited warranty (although the length varies depending on the product). The limited warranty applies to any product purchased from Sony or an authorized retailer. However, if you buy the device used or from an unauthorized seller, Sony has no obligation to fulfill the terms of the limited warranty.

Many of Sony's products come with a one-year limited warranty. For example, the following devices and products have a one-year warranty.

  • TVs
  • Headphones
  • PlayStation consoles
  • PlayStation controllers

It’s also important to note that Sony’s warranties can vary depending on the device itself. Contact Sony's customer service team if you have questions about your device's warranty. You can also read through your device’s owner manual to find specific information about the limited warranty.

All of Sony’s limited warranties offer the same coverage. Specifically, they guarantee the device from manufacturing defects. However, the limited warranty will not cover the damage if your device has accidental damage or screen burn-in.

Is an Extended Warranty a Good Idea?

Your best option to warranty your device from damage is to purchase an extended warranty. With an extended warranty, you have long-lasting protection against most types of damage.

Upsie offers the best extended warranties for Sony devices. Three things that make Upsie’s warranties stand out.

  • Affordable: Upsie warranties cost up to 70% less than warranties from competitors.
  • Comprehensive: All of Upsie’s non-subscription warranties include unlimited claims up to the device’s purchase price.
  • Transparent: You can find all of Upsie’s pricing, deductibles, and terms listed clearly on the website.

Extended warranties are the best way to protect your device from damage. In addition to purchasing a warranty, you should also follow the device’s recommended maintenance routine to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Which Sony Devices Does Upsie Warranty?

Upsie offers warranties for a wide range of Sony products. For example, you can purchase an Upsie warranty for the following devices:

  • TVs
  • Headphones
  • Gaming equipment
  • Cameras
  • Soundbars and speakers
  • And More!

Keep reading to find out more about specific warranties for Sony’s products.

Upsie Extended Warranty for a Sony TV

Sony offers some of the best TVs on the market. However, they are still prone to defects, screen burn-in, and dead pixels. That’s where the Upsie warranty comes in. Upsie offers two-year, three-year, and five-year warranty plans for Sony TVs with MSRP prices up to $5,999.99.

For example, Upsie’s five-year warranty for a $1,999 Sony TV costs only $265.99. The plan has no deductible, includes unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the TV, and covers screen burn-in.

Upsie Extended Warranty for Sony Headphones

All of Upsie’s headphone warranties include accidental damage protection from drops and liquid spills. Plus, the warranties are affordable. An Upsie warranty for the $399 WH-1000XM5 Sony headphones costs $42.99 for two years and $65.99 for three years.

Compare Upsie’s plan to the cost of a two-year warranty from Best Buy’s Geek Squad. The same warranty will cost $89.99 when you purchase it from the Geek Squad. You save $42 by purchasing the warranty from Upsie instead.

Upsie Extended Warranty for Sony PS5

Upsie’s PlayStation 5 warranty also includes accidental damage protection. For a $499 PS5, a two-year Upsie warranty costs $48.99, and a three-year warranty costs $74.99. There is a small $25 deductible per claim, and customers can make unlimited claims up to the device’s purchase price.

Does Upsie Warranty Sony Smartphones?

Yes! Upsie offers a smartphone subscription warranty for Sony smartphones. The subscription costs just $9.99 per month and has a $0 cracked screen deductible. Some other benefits of the smartphone subscription warranty include the following:

  • Two claims per rolling 12-month period
  • Free cancellation anytime
  • Protection for new, used, and older phones

Upsie can protect any smartphone sold in the US as long as the phone is not already broken. With a smartphone subscription, you have access to Upsie’s network of certified repair shops to get your phone repaired on the same day.

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