The Best Accessories To Pair with a New Peloton Tread

Peloton may be an iconic name in home fitness, but it’s typically been limited to biking. However, that has recently changed, with the Peloton Tread giving at-home fitness fans a full-body workout experience. Now, walkers, joggers, and hardcore runners alike are ready to make the most of this opportunity.
Whether using the original Peloton or the new Tread, part of the fun of working out is doing it in style — an option that’s abundantly available for Peloton enthusiasts. Peloton equipment is best paired with trendy athleisure outfits and the hottest wearable fitness trackers.
Eager to go shopping for Peloton accessories but not quite sure where to start? The following is a collection of some of the best accessories to pair with a Peloton Tread to make the workout experience even more enjoyable.

The Best Earbuds to Use While Working Out: Jabra Elite Active 75t

Tread owners who don’t already have a pair of earbuds they love should check out this set from Jabra. They have been battle-tested to fit snug in even the most strenuous workout conditions. Yes, some reviews suggest that they’re too loud, but many users will actually deem this a clear benefit. While these buds retail for $180, they can often be found online for just $99.

The Best Tray for Being Productive While Being Productive: TFD Tread Tray 2.0

Who says working (and working out) from home has to be cold and lifeless? Simply attach TFD’s Tread Tray 2.0 to the Peloton tread to turn it into the ultimate standing desk. With room for a laptop as well as a drink, this sturdy see-through tray is built to last longer than the boss’s usual Zoom calls. At $149, it’s a steep price to pay — but it’s easy to think of it more as a work expense than one of your Peloton Tread accessories.

The Best Workout Mat: ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat

No matter where you install your Peloton Tread, things will get sweaty. But, by picking up these interlocking gym mats, you keep the floor clean. With over 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, these mats are beloved by workout warriors. Not only do they absorb fluids, but they are also great for traction while doing various exercises. In addition, the 1/2-inch thick, 24-square feet pack only costs $26 and is perfect for a smaller workout space.

The Best Resistance Bands for Safe Strength Training: Bodylastics Stackable Tube Resistance Bands

Hop off the Tread and get to work on some resistance training by utilizing these great bands. Experts at The Wirecutter rave about this kit, which includes five different bands as well as a door anchor, handles, and ankle straps. After seeing the high $80 price tag, some consumers may scratch their heads, but enthusiasts believe this set is well worth the cost. Cheap, shoddy workout bands that snap and break are best avoided, but this kit is built to last.

The Best Smartwatch for Tracking Workouts: Apple Watch Series 7

With so many different smartwatches and wearable tech items available, it’s tough to pick just one standout. Devices from Garmin and Fitbit are great, but the Apple Watch Series 7 shines just a bit brighter. After all, the device is not merely a fantastic smartwatch. It is also capable of tracking dozens of different workout types and activities. Keeping all this information in one easy-to-access location is the definition of convenience, so Apple nailed it with the Series 7. The cheapest Apple Watch Series 7 costs $399. Considering everything it can do, that’s a bargain.

Take That Workout to the Next Level With Upsie

From high-end earbuds to fitness-tracking smartwatches or even the Peloton Tread, Upsie can protect a wide array of fitness devices. An extended warranty from Upsie offers easy-to-understand terms and conditions, along with great prices and excellent customer support.
Upsie’s extended warranties for Peloton Tread accessories bring an extra level of confidence to each workout. This is important, as these devices take a lot of abuse from motivated workout warriors. Upsie’s warranties protect fitness equipment from malfunction and wear. In addition, Upsie offers warranties for smartwatches, earbuds, and smartphones, ensuring that these devices are safe from accidental damage.
Best of all, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than warranties from retailers. So don’t settle for a confusing warranty from a big box store, which is likely to provide limited coverage. Instead, choose Upsie.

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