Guide to Garmin’s New Vivomove Sport Hybrid Watch

Even in this Digital Age, many people prefer the appearance and functionality of analog watch faces. Digital watches usually look sporty, and some might look very nice. Still, analog watches can offer a traditional and more elegant style. Recently, some manufacturers have bridged the gap between analog and digital watches by releasing hybrid watches, like the new Garmin Vivomove Sport hybrid watch. Users can glance at the hour and minute hand to tell time, but they also have the option to view a digital interface when they choose.

Introducing the New Vivomove Sport Watch From Garmin

Most smartwatches look alright with athletic or casual clothes; however, they often clash with formal attire. On the other hand, the Vivomove hybrid watch blends with either tennis shoes or a suit. Garmin designed this new hybrid watch with an appealing analog watch face on top.
In addition, the watch has a digital display for fitness tracking. When looking at the digital display, the two watch hands move to horizontal positions, making it easier for the user to read the digital information. When the user is finished with the digital display, the watch’s hands return to their original position.
Some examples of digitally tracked activity include the number of miles walked, stairs climbed, or calories burned. The watch also offers stress and sleep management features. Some features, like the O2 sensor, work without a connected phone. However, the GPS relies on a connection to a smartphone, which might prove inconvenient for some people.
According to TechRadar, Garmin offers this smartwatch for $179. The Vivomove Sport model costs about $20 less than the Vivomove 3 but offers most of the same features. Eager customers can now purchase this smartwatch directly from Garmin’s website.

Do Garmin Vivomove Sport Smartwatches Require Extended Warranties?

Smartwatch owners report screen or watch face damage as the most common reasons they seek repairs. Meanwhile, the Garmin Limited Warranty only lasts for a year and absolutely won’t cover any cosmetic damage, like scratches on the screen or clear cover. This initial contract also won’t pay for repairs that result from accidents, like liquid spills or drops.
Meanwhile, the cost to replace a smartwatch face often costs a good percentage of the initial price of the watch. Instead of taking the risk with just a limited warranty, customers should always pair their Garmin smartwatch with an extended warranty.

Why Choose an Upsie Warranty for Garmin Smartwatches?

Upsie offers the best extended warranties for Garmin smartwatches. A few examples of the great features of Upsie extended warranties for smartwatches include:
  • Upsie’s complete protection includes repairs caused by accidents, premature wear, and defects.
  • Upsie offers smartwatch owners a choice of two-year and three-year protection plans.
  • Customers can call a live claims representative 24-7 for help making a claim and arranging local or mail-in repairs.
  • Upsie will cover two-day, two-way postage for mail-in repairs.
  • If Upsie decides that smartwatch repairs won’t make sense on the first claim, the company will offer reimbursement or a replacement.
In addition, customers have up to 60 days after buying their Garmin smartwatch to pair it with an Upsie warranty. Best of all, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than warranties from retailers or manufacturers, ensuring that customers get the most out of every claim.
Upsie also offers warranties for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and fitness equipment.

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