Best Fitness Machines: Treadmills Versus Stationary Bikes

Any list of the most popular kinds of home fitness machines will include treadmills and stationary bikes. People of various fitness levels can enjoy a great workout from either of these machines. Anybody who can walk or ride a bicycle should find exercise bikes and treadmills simple to use.
Is a stationary bicycle or a treadmill better for a home gym? The best choice between these two fitness machines depends mainly on individual preferences. Take a moment to review the pros and cons of treadmills vs. exercise bikes to determine the better option.

Do Stationary Bikes or Treadmills Offer a Better Workout?

According to U.S. News, the number of calories burned on either kind of machine will primarily depend upon exercise intensity and duration and the individual’s body. People stand up on a treadmill and usually sit on the stationary bike’s seat. Thus, the bike’s seat supports some body weight.
The treadmill may help burn more calories than the bike for workouts of similar durations and intensity. For instance:
  • An hour on an exercise bike may burn 400 to 500 calories.
  • An hour on a treadmill could consume as many as 800 calories.
The difference in calorie-burning potential between the two fitness machines can add up over time but should not be the only factor considered. Even if treadmills help burn more calories, either machine should provide sufficient exercise to help maintain or improve fitness for most people.

Are Treadmills Better Than Exercise Bikes?

People with a goal of purely burning calories might find they can meet their objective faster with a treadmill. For comparable times and speeds, treadmills will probably burn more calories. Still, almost everybody will benefit the most by choosing a type that they enjoy and that their bodies tolerate.
For instance, people with mobility, balance, foot, or joint issues may find cycling more accessible because of its low-impact nature. Also, some folks find it more relaxing to exercise in a seated position. No fitness machine will prove effective if the owner doesn’t want to use it because it makes them uncomfortable. The National Institute for Fitness and Health noted that exercise consistency ranks as the crucial factor for developing strength and fitness.
People who enjoy success with their workout routine consider fitness a marathon and not a sprint. Instead of worrying about which type of exercise might burn a few more calories during a workout session, choose the type of fitness equipment that will encourage regular use. Both treadmills and stationary bikes provide good workouts.

Why Fitness Machines Need Extended Warranties

Consistency offers the key to successful fitness routines. Nothing hampers this virtue like a broken piece of fitness equipment. Still, concerns over the expense of unexpected repair bills prevent many people from seeking prompt service to resume their workout schedule as soon as possible. Sometimes, owners of fitness machines struggle to find qualified service centers.
Affordable treadmill and stationary bicycle extended warranties from Upsie eliminate concerns over repair bills or access to certified technicians. A three- or five-year warranty offers in-home repairs with no deductible. Upsie’s claims representatives answer the phone twenty-four hours per day to facilitate service. Even better, Upsie charges up to 70 percent less than its retail-store competitors. Active your warranty within 11 months of your fitness equipment purchase date. Then enjoy the superior warranty protection that Upsie provides.
To select the best home fitness equipment, consider personal preferences. While a workout routine will improve health, Upsie will help ensure the fitness equipment keeps performing as it should.

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