Why the Bowflex VeloCore Is the Exercise Bike of the Future

At-home fitness is a big deal, and opportunities for working out away from the gym are better than ever. As a result, this growing industry has seen an especially sizable boom over the last few years. Several factors drive this trend, but perhaps most notable is the proliferation of internet-enabled smart fitness devices.
Gone are the days of grinding out an hour on a boring treadmill or exercise bike. With so many different companies offering workout solutions, there’s no excuse for boredom or a lack of motivation. Now, a new question has arrived: how does one competitor stand out from the rest?
Bowflex’s VelCore bike certainly makes its mark. This impressive exercise bike features a never-before-seen ability that has quickly put it on the minds of at-home fitness fanatics. Keep reading to find out how this new design allows cyclists to lean into their fitness routines in a whole new way.

Going Full Tilt with the Bowflex VeloCore

The term “stationary bike” need not apply when discussing the Bowflex VeloCore. By far, the most notable innovation onboard is the ability to lean and tilt while riding. This helps users simulate the experience of riding an actual bike on real-life trails and roads. Not only does this spice up what could be an otherwise pedestrian experience, but the health benefits are numerous.
While most exercise bikes only work the expected leg muscles, the VeloCore also gets the core muscles involved. A few weeks on the VeloCore won’t guarantee a six-pack, but it will give those obliques and abdominals a great workout. Users have found that unlocking the bike and simply trying to stay level and square can be deceptively difficult. The feature is a blast to use — and it’s surprising that someone didn’t think of this great innovation sooner.
Using the lean and tilt feature on the VeloCore couldn’t be easier. Simply push a button, and the bike will disengage from its locked position. Pull that same button up, and the bike will return to its standard mode. This ease of operation makes it possible to quickly switch between modes, a must during particularly strenuous workouts.

Other Great VeloCore Feature

The tilt functionality itself would be enough to sell most consumers on investing in a VeloCore. Thankfully, the bike has all of the other modes and features that enthusiasts demand in a modern exercise bike.
Two main versions of the VeloCore are available, with the only difference involving the size of the screen. The 16-inch screen edition of the VeloCore costs $1,699. For $2,199, riders can pick up the 22-inch screen version. Both displays look fantastic.
Additionally, both come with built-in Bluetooth speakers. More good news: the VeloCore offers built-in support for all major streaming services.
It should come as no surprise that Bowflex’s biggest rival is Peloton. As such, Bowflex is offering its own version of Peloton’s popular live and on-demand classes. The JRNY subscription service is $20 a month or $150 a year. It offers a huge selection of content. For those who are already Peloton subscribers and are looking to ditch their old hardware, the VeloCore bike can also access content on that subscription.

Smooth Sessions with Bowflex VeloCore

With so many fancy features and live service offerings packed into the VeloCore, one can’t help but wonder: how does it ride? Thankfully, the bike feels great, boasting the exceptional build quality and reliability consumers have come to expect from Bowflex.
Over 100 different resistance settings make this bike perfect for beginners as well as hardcore cyclists. Crucial metrics are tracked, such as distance, heart rate, calories burned, and more. The only downside? These machines tend to take up a lot of space. Because the bike can lean from side to side, users will need to carve out a bigger workout space than they would for a standard machine. Most users, however, will be willing to trade a little extra space for additional functionality and a solid core workout.
NordicTrack, Peloton, and other competitors will need to step their game up, especially considering how competitively priced the VeloCore is compared to similar offerings. The NordicTrack Commercial S22i and Peloton’s Bike+ occupy the same market as the VeloCore — but they can’t compete with many of the Bowflex bike’s impressive abilities. It’s only a matter of time before another big name brings tilt technology to the table. Until then, the VeloCore will remain king.

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