Roundup of Popular Bowflex Fitness Machines in 2022

Bowflex introduced its first home gym equipment in 1986. And in those days, the company promoted its brands on TV regularly. According to NASA, the Bowflex Revolution home gym evolved as a spinoff technology initially developed and used to help astronauts regain muscle mass.
Thus, the company can claim a distinction that few other brands can: Bowflex fitness equipment has traveled to space. Astronauts on the International Space Station use this company’s technology to stay fit in space during training, and afterward, in recovery.
Of course, consumers won’t have to blast off into space to enjoy Bowflex products. The company makes plenty of fitness machines and devices that perfectly suit home gyms and typical budgets.

Popular Bowflex Fitness Equipment for 2022

Bowflex still produces strength-training equipment, but it has also branched out into other workout equipment, like exercise bikes and treadmills. Today, the company competes with such other big names in the home fitness space as NordicTrack and ProForm. This company offers all types of home fitness machines and other equipment, including some relatively low-priced products. No matter the fitness level, goals, or budget, Bowflex probably produces a product to match.
Take a look at several of Bowflex’s best values in-home workout equipment:
  • Bowflex Treadmill 7: This $1,700 treadmill comes with a display that lets users access a coaching app and entertainment while they’re working out.
  • SelectTech Adjustable Dumbells: These $400 dumbbells let users adjust the weight by flipping a dial. So they won’t need to clutter up their space with dozens of different weights.
  • SelectTech Kettlebell: This adjustable kettlebell costs $149. But it’s several kettle balls in one because users can adjust the weight from eight to 40 pounds.
  • PR1000 Home Gym: The home gym retails for $680 and offers 25 different exercises, so users can build muscle without leaving home.
  • TreadCllimber TC100: This machine offers the perfect low-impact solution for working out at home and costs $1,899.
  • C6 Bike: This stationary fitness cycle costs $799 and offers technology to help increase engagement and enjoy a low-impact workout.

Why Purchase Bowflex Fitness Equipment

According to Healthline, many Americans decided to buy home fitness equipment during the pandemic. They continued to use these products even after gyms started to open their doors again. With Bowflex and other leading companies providing so much variety, almost anybody can find the gear they will enjoy using.
Even though some machines appear expensive, most of these manufacturers offer payment plans to keep their products affordable. When compared to the costs and inconveniences of venturing outside or to a fitness club, buying workout equipment to keep at home can make sense.

How to Protect Home Fitness Equipment

Advanced gym equipment combines mechanical, electrical, and electronic components to offer fitness tracking, guided workouts, and much more. At the same time, many of these new fitness systems cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. However, these machines are still vulnerable to damage.
Luckily, an Upsie extended warranty for home fitness equipment can offer peace of mind against the expense and hassle of getting repairs. For example:
  • For prices as low as 70 percent less than retail warranty competitors, Upsie offers home visits from certified techs, no-deductible repairs, and 24-7 claims representatives.
  • Purchasers of fitness machines can take up to 11 months after buying a fitness machine to purchase their Upsie warranty and choose between a three or five-year protection plan.
  • Broad coverage includes protection against mechanical, electrical, or electronic system damage.
Bowflex and many excellent manufacturers offer a wide variety of fitness options. People can create a home gym in a spare room or even in the corner of a living room or bedroom. To keep workouts progressing as they should, buy a comprehensive Upsie warranty. In addition to Bowflex treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, and strength trainers, Upsie also covers other brands and various household appliances, electronics, and outdoor gear.

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