The Best Bowflex Treadmill Warranty on the Market?

Bowflex has produced fitness equipment for decades. During this time, the company earned an excellent reputation for its innovative and high-quality products.
For instance, NASA worked with the company’s founders to develop some of their technology. The space organization needed a portable machine they could use to keep astronauts in good shape at home on Earth or even far away at the International Space Station.
In fact, NASA credits Bowflex not just for helping its own crews build and maintain muscles but for sparking a home-fitness revolution. Since Bowflex calls one of its most popular products the Bowflex Revolution, it apparently agrees with this assessment. Bowflex excels in the home fitness market. But its primary business involves designing and producing fitness machines and not warranties. How can Bowlfex buyers buy the best warranty protection for their fitness machines?

Does Bowflex Offer the Best Treadmill Extended Warranty?

The limited warranty included with each purchase varies somewhat with the type of equipment. As a result, buyers need to check the unique contract terms for any product they plan to buy. Some of Bowflex’s premium products offer as long as 15 years of protection for the frame and motor.
These warranty terms demonstrate the company stands behind these parts of their machines. Still, these devices also come with other mechanical and electronic components, besides just the frame and motor. For instance, many new treadmills and stationary bikes come with electronic tablets that provide access to Bowflex’s online coaching and other apps.
This list offers a general overview of typical protection for many Bowflex products:
  • Frame: Two to three years
  • Parts besides the frame: Two to three years
  • Labor: 90 days to two years
  • Electronics: One year
The company also offers upgrades to their limited warranties that generally extend labor coverage for three to five years. For instance, the Bowflex initial warranty is for the parts and not labor.
In any case, the terms of the optional extended warranties specifically state that they do not expand upon the manufacturer’s warranty to broaden coverage. Instead, the optional protection will only extend the time for the explicitly stated coverage in the original contract, most commonly labor.
In other words, don’t rush to enroll in an optional Bowflex protection plan before exploring Upsie’s more comprehensive extended warranties for fitness equipment.

Why Does Upsie the Best Bowflex Treadmill Warranty?

It’s easy to see why Upsie’s extended warranty offers more value. For a Bowflex treadmill with a retail price of $1,799, Upsie charges $230.99 for a five-year protection plan. This protection plan covers parts and labor for the components of this machine, from the ball bearings and belts to the tablet and screen. Plus, with Upsie, customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
Upsie will send certified technicians to the customer’s home without a deductible or extra fees. If Upsie determines that they can’t fix the machine on the first claim, they will offer replacements or reimbursements. In addition, Upsie has claims representatives on the phone 24-7 to help file claims and coordinate service calls.
An Upsie extended warranty will extend and broaden the limited warranty for the same price as the Bowflex extended warranty. As a result, customers get better protection for their fitness equipment. Besides Bowflex, Upsie also offers extended warranties for other fitness equipment, various kinds of appliances, household gear, and electronics.

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