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Spring is coming fast, inspiring thoughts of yard work and gardening. Are you ready to do spring cleanup and planting? Doing some maintenance now will help you enjoy the rest of the spring and summer.
No garage or garden shed is complete without the proper, well-made tools for each job you have ahead of you. Do you need to re-stock some critical tools and equipment? If so, you might wonder what the best brands are, and what their products can do to make your outdoor chores and passions go more smoothly. With the right power or manual tools and a practical and comprehensive extended outdoor tools warranty, you can do it all with ease. Then sit back and enjoy your hard work with friends and family.
DeWalt and Milwaukee are two major brands that diehard outdoors lovers put their faith in. Have you used these tools? If so, do you have a preference? We’ll take a look at these companies’ offerings to see what you’ve been missing and which one has what you need.

A Comparison of Dewalt and Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

According to Best of Machinery, it’s tough to go wrong when choosing either of these top tool brands, with Dewalt in the number one position and Milwaukee at number two. You might have a tough choice ahead if you’re thinking about these brands.
Here is a breakdown of what both top tool companies have to offer.


The DeWalt Tool Company started making durable, high-quality tools nearly a century ago, in 1924. And it didn’t take this tool company long to go electric, having made an electric universal woodworking machine in 1932. Those early inventions, especially the electric machine, catapulted DeWalt to become an industry leader.
DeWalt has the tools you need, whether a carpenter, electrician, mechanic, construction worker, home DIYer, HVAC technician, or woodworker.
The DeWalt website features nearly 600 pages of available electric and manual powered tools. Let’s take a look at some highlights of this top brand:
  • Automotive tools include impact drivers and wrenches, sanders, rotary and demolition hammers, drills, nailers and staplers, saws, grinders and polishers, compressors, multi-functioning tools, and more.
  • Hand tools include chisels, punches, files, pliers, snips, clamps, vises, blades, knives, manual fastening tools, ratchets and sockets, wrenches, and more.
The product list goes on and on, and so does the appreciation that trade workers have for this brand. With its trademark black and yellow color scheme, these products jump out as you do your shopping.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

Milwaukee also launched its operations in 1924 and currently works as a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries. However, the Milwaukee brand name is one-of-a-kind in the tool industry. In the 1930s, Milwaukee earned a special equipment specification rating from the government that allowed the company to produce and provide all the tools for the U.S. Navy standard of equipment. After that, the innovations kept rolling in.
Here are some of Milwaukee’s most treasured products:
  • Power tools include compact pipe threaders, finish nailers, concrete pencil vibrators, stick transfer pumps, wet and dry vacuum tanks, inflators, and more.
  • Outdoor tools include battery mowers, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, and chainsaws.
  • Hand tools include hammers, wrench sets, screwdriver kits, jaw saws, and more.
Milwaukee has an impressive product list that ensures the American company stands out from the crowd.

Is There a Winner Between DeWalt and Milwaukee?

A glance at each tool manufacturer’s product list might tell you that each company has its own specializations and strengths. You might find that DeWalt is ideal for professionals in trades or crafts. While the brand also caters to homeowners and serious DIYers, many of its customers love the classics that they provide.
With Milwaukee Tools, there is a greater range of products, whether electric, manual, accessories or something else. You could undoubtedly count on Milwaukee to get all your supplies for your specific profession. But the eclectic mix of tools really has something for everyone in every industry.
Ultimately, both companies commit to producing high-quality tools built to last and support your projects for decades or more. It’s a matter of scanning their product lists to see what is available in the size and price range you need for your trade or home project.

Remember to Protect Your Tools with an Upsie Extended Warranty

Regardless of the quality of each company’s electric tools, it is essential to buy an Upsie extended warranty. Whether you encounter a malfunction or a motor dies before its time, you’ll need the protection Upsie provides to avoid costly repairs or replacements.
For all power tools that cost less than $500 to purchase, Upsie offers quick replacements rather than repairs. Simply make a claim 24/7/365 and their friendly service reps will process your claim quickly so you can have a working tool as quickly as possible.
Contact the Upsie team to learn more about the best warranty for DeWalt and Milwaukee Electric tools.

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