Do You Need an Ego Lawn Mower Warranty?

Ego lawn mowers have pushed the envelope for cordless power equipment, producing an entire line of eco-friendly electric lawn mowers that cut the grass as good or better than their gas-powered counterparts.

What is Ego Power Plus?

Ego Power Plus was founded in 1993 and specializes in cordless power equipment like lawn mowers, chain saws, edgers, and trimmers. The company’s goal is to improve the planet by moving away from fossil fuels and help customers use eco-friendly cordless landscaping tools that work just as well or better than the alternatives.
Their flagship products get high marks from customers, and the company sells roughly 10 million products worldwide each year. As a result, Ego calls itself “one of the world’s largest tool manufacturers.”

Are Ego’s Lawn Mowers Well Made?

Regardless of whether you know the pros and cons of buying an electric lawn mower, everyone with a yard needs to maintain it. Unlike some electric mowers, Ego’s models are cordless. So you don’t have to worry about having enough slack to mow your entire lawn.
Independent studies show that many of Ego’s lawn mowers out-perform gas-powered models. For example, the Ego Peak Power Self-Propelled Lawn Mower beat comparable gas-powered mowers like the top Honda model in real-life tests. These tests pit each mower against the other in hot heat and drought, with long, unkempt grass and even a sod farm. In addition, not only did the lawn mower perform well, but it was also much quieter than the gas-powered models.
Although some Ego lawn mowers blew away the competition, that doesn’t mean that every lawn mower out of the gate has been a winner. Over its ten-year stretch, Ego has had some mowers that didn’t perform as well as they had hoped. Unfortunately, even well-made products fail sometimes, which is why a lawn mower warranty is important.

How Long Does an Ego Mower Warranty Last?

Ego is very proud of its Ego lawn mower warranty which is longer than most lawn equipment manufacturers and lasts five years. However, you must register your product to get all the benefits of this warranty.
Keep in mind the batteries for Ego lawn mowers have only a three-year warranty. Ego makes a strong point of saying they stand behind their products. But often, it is difficult to get help or repairs when things break. Typically, manufacturers make it complicated for customers to get the help they need by making you call during specific hours or routing you to an offshore call center. So if you are considering whether or not to buy an extended warranty for your mower, consider the benefits of a no-hassle warranty that gets your stuff fixed quickly without any headaches. Upsie offers the best warranties for lawn mowers.

Consider an Upsie Extended Lawn Mower Warranty

Where your Ego lawn mower warranty may be lacking, Upsie will fill in the gaps. Upsie’s extended warranties for lawn mowers are affordable and efficient. It protects your lawn mower from manufacturing defects with gears, motors, ball bearings, internal tubing, computer chips, and moving parts.
Never again worry about power failure, overheating, or other types of malfunctioning. Plus, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70% less than other warranty companies. In addition, you don’t have to worry about paying for parts or labor, service charges, or a deductible.
If your mower breaks, you can reach Upsie claims 24/7. Upsie will arrange for professional repair technicians to fix your lawn mower, or you take it to a local repair shop. If they can’t fix it, Upsie will replace it on the first claim. You can’t go wrong with Upsie!

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