Three Lawn Care Tips and Tricks for 2022

Lawn care is often central to a beautiful yard or garden, and right now is the perfect time to plan this year’s approach. During winter, most lawns need no more than a cursory once-over now and again. However, with spring now in full swing, it’s time to pay closer attention.
From ample watering to creating a mowing schedule, maintaining a healthy, lush lawn needn’t be a chore. Instead, it can be incredibly straightforward with just a trio of simple lawn care tips and tricks. With that, a beautiful yard or garden is easily within reach, whether maintaining an existing lawn or caring for a brand-new one.

#1: Water, Water, Water

As soon as there’s any sign of new growth, it’s crucial that a lawn gets ample water. Particularly during the spring, rainfall will take care of this in many areas. Yet, frequent watering is a must in dryer regions and later in the year when rain is more scarce. Elsewhere, drainage and aeration are similarly important.
Without drainage and aeration, a lawn can become waterlogged. Standing water and a lack of air around the roots can leave grass devoid of the much-needed nutrients required for growth. Addressing drainage issues is often as simple as directing excess rainfall away from a lawn.
Aerating a healthy lawn, meanwhile, often isn’t called for as it’s something that’s done naturally by worms in the ground. However, where necessary, nature can be helped along by piercing any tired-looking patches of grass with a garden fork. Doing so allows air in and creates an opportunity for those all-important worms to get to work.
In drier climates, an automatic irrigation system can be a valuable investment, especially for larger lawns.

#2: Invest in the Correct Tools

Nothing makes lawn care easier or more satisfying than having access to and using the right tools. From mowers and leaf blowers to manual tools like rakes and edgers, there’s a dizzying array on sale. Yet, just a small arsenal of the most useful pieces of equipment is often all that’s needed to keep a beautiful lawn.
The most important, of course, is a mower. These machines are costly and require proper, regular maintenance to stay in working condition. Another way to prolong the life of any mower is with an extended warranty. Various outdoor, tool, and grill warranty packages are available from Upsie.
From power tool coverage to extended lawn mower warranties, every policy is designed to be straightforward but wholly comprehensive. Furthermore, by dealing directly with Upsie’s warranty experts, it’s possible to save up to 70 percent. That’s versus the cost of coverage sold by manufacturers and big-box stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.
Elsewhere, manual tools like edgers and rakes are generally inexpensive and can prove invaluable in keeping a lawn in tip-top shape. A rake, especially, is vital for removing dead grass and moss. They’re great for gathering leaves during the fall as well.

#3: Create a Lawn Care Schedule

The previous lawn care tips will do little if you don’t have a regular schedule. Ample water and regular mowing can be all that’s needed to keep a lawn looking great throughout the year. That said, this often relies on a well-planned-out approach to each aspect of care. With that, schedule regular mowing and, where necessary, watering. Infrequent or irregular care in either regard can quickly see a lawn begin to deteriorate.
Did you know, different grass types also call for different approaches to mowing? Some types of grass should be cut shorter than others. Also, mowing heights should vary based on the time of year. For example, mowing shorter in summer than in spring or fall can benefit many lawns.
Ideally, mark both watering and mowing requirements on a calendar. Plans can simultaneously be implemented to tackle fertilization, soil testing, and more. While not strictly necessary, even a small degree of additional care can have a huge impact on a lawn – particularly where it’s struggling. At the same time, also plan for periodically tackling weeds.
Then, when the cooler fall and subsequent winter weather is set to roll in, make a note to begin winding down lawn care. Instead, some of the previously allotted time can be used to rake leaves, responsibly winterize a lawn mower, and maintain other outdoor tools, including snow blowers and pressure washers, ahead of the incoming dip in temperature.

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