Should I Buy a Protection Plan on a Lawn Mower?

Purchasing a protection plan on a lawn mower is recommended. Most people use their lawn mower on a weekly basis, making them a very necessary piece of equipment. A protection plan ensures that your mower is protected from manufacturing defects, power failures, cooling issues and non-accidental mechanical failures of motors, gears, bearings and internal moving parts so it lasts longer than it otherwise might.

Best Lawn Mower Protection Plans

Each brand of lawn mower has its own manufacturer warranty terms. Before buying a lawn mower, read the terms so you know what is covered, what is not covered and for how long. Here is a break down of some of the most popular brands:


Brand Manufacturer Warranty Term
Husqvarna Lawn Mower 2 or 3-Year Limited
Craftsman Lawn Mower 2-Year Limited
Toro Lawn Mower 2 or 3-Year Full
Troy Bilt Lawn Mower 2-Year Limited
Murray Lawn Mower 2-Year Limited
Honda Lawn Mower 2 to 5-Year Limited


If your lawn mower comes with a three, four or five year manufacturer warranty, you might not need to get an extended protection plan. However, if the manufacturer warranty is less than that, purchasing a protection plan is recommended to augment the number of years that your lawn mower is covered. Additionally, read carefully what the Manufacturer actually covers in their limited warranty compared to Upsie's protection plans. You don't want to be surprised with a gap later on!

Is the Honda Lawn Mower Warranty Coverage Enough?

Honda lawn mowers are notorious for needing multiple repairs. But their lower prices still make them desirable. A protection plan will help keep your repair costs down after the Honda manufacturer warranty ends, plus provide a convenient repair service should you need to make a claim.

Can I Get a Warranty for a Riding Lawn Mower?

Upsie offers protection plans for all types of lawn mowers including push mowers, riding mowers and zero-turn riding mowers that cost up to $1,499.99. All mowers must be purchased within the previous 4 years and currently being in working condition without any physical damage to be eligible for an Upsie protection plan.

Can I Get Protection for an Electric Ryobi or EGO Power+ Mower?

Yes, you can get an Upsie protection plans for an electric lawn mower! Upsie covers all brands including Ryobi, EGO and Toro mowers.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Lawn Mower?

The cost to repair a lawn mower varies greatly by type. For example, a push lawn mower repair might cost $80, while a riding lawn mower repair might cost $170. According to Angi, the average walk-behind mower costs $360. Upsie's Protection Plans are an affordable $3.99/mo. and can be kept for up to 4 years after starting your protection. Compared to just one repair or the cost of a new mower, Upsie is a great bargain!

How Many Years Does a Lawn Mower Last?

A lawnmower should last between eight and ten years. This depends greatly on how often you use it and how large your lawn is. However, different models are designed to last for different periods of time. According to the Home Guides article above, some lawn mowers are designed to last only for only 200 hours or one mowing season!

How Often Should You Replace a Mower?

There is no set rule for when you should replace a mower. However, if it’s over three years old and is already experiencing multiple issues, you should weigh your options. If a mower malfunctions, it will likely malfunction again. Is the repair cost low, or will you be paying hundreds of dollars over the years to maintain it? If so, a replacement might be the best move for you. If you do replace your mower, make sure to protect it with an Upsie lawn mower protection plan.

Is Lawn Mower Repair an Option?

Yes, repair is an option when your lawn mower is protected with Upsie. Simply make a claim on Upsie’s website and a repair will be arranged quickly for you. There is no additional deductible or service fee, ever.

What is the Claims Process Like if My Lawn Mower Stops Working?

If your lawn mower stops working, making a claim with Upsie is very easy. Log into your Upsie account and fill out an online form 24/7/365. The claims team will quickly get back with you to process your claim and schedule a repair technician.

What if My Mover Can’t be Repaired?

Upsie will replace your mower or send you a check if your mower cannot be repaired.

How Can I Contact Upsie if I Have Other Questions?

If you have any questions regarding Upsie lawn mower protection plans, you can contact Upsie on their website or on their Facebook and Twitter pages.
At the end of the day, you should definitely purchase a protection plan for your lawn mower. It will give you peace of mind that your mower is covered and will protect your wallet from costly repairs.

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