The Best iPhone Insurance for Your New Phone

According to Investopedia, the ultra-rich can buy a gold-plated and diamond-accented iPhone for over $3,100. Even that's not close to the world's most expensive phone. For instance, a company called Goldvish makes $90,000 designer phones by hand that include a diamond-bezel and alligator-leather cover.
Even though most people won't expect to buy such a lavish phone, the latest iPhones represent an investment of at least several hundred dollars. Dedicated Apple users make this investment because they expect quality, high-tech features, and a great user experience. At the same time, the very mobility of smartphones makes their sensitive parts vulnerable to wear and damage. After budgeting for a high-end smartphone, few people want to also have to scramble to pay unexpected repair bills.
Besides comparing features and shopping for a new smartphone, prudent consumers will want to consider investing in smartphone insurance to ensure they can enjoy a good value for years to come. It's good to know that the best smartphone insurance isn't even the most expensive option.

What's the Best Smartphone Insurance for an iPhone?

Apple has done a great job of creating loyal customers. That explains why many people buy AppleCare warranties when they purchase a new Apple phone. It only makes sense to compare AppleCare to Upsie, a leader in third-party iPhone warranties.

Getting Covered Repairs at Apple's GeniusBar

AppleCare insurance may not always offer the best solution for protecting phones against common sources of damage. As discussed in a previous Upsie article, "Upsie Vs. AppleCare," both plans provide comparable coverage and convenience. For example, both plans cover many kinds of problems, like liquid damage, broken screens, and problems with power supplies and connections.
As another example, Apple users tend to trust the GeniusBar for repairs, and AppleCare offers this protection. Here's the good news — Upsie warranty owners can also use the GeniusBar for covered repairs. Upsie also covers other local and mail-in certified service centers, so plan owners can access the most convenient option for their own needs. For instance, some Apple phone owners may not live or work close to a GeniusBar location, and with Upsie, they have choices.
Even though AppleCare and Upsie iPhone subscription plans provide comparable coverage, they're also distinct in a few critical ways:
  • Deductibles: AppleCare charges $29 for cracked screen repairs; however, Upsie has a $0 cracked screen deductible.
  • Protection Length: With AppleCare+, you only get two years of protection. In contrast, Upsie offers up to five years of warranty protection with their subscription model.
Even better, Upsie relieves the pressure of deciding upon iPhone warranty plans at the time of purchase. While AppleCare gives customers up to 60 days to make up their minds, Upsie doesn't have an eligibility window for smartphones. You can purchase an Upsie warranty for new, old, and used phones.

Compare Plans to Buy the Best iPhone Insurance for You

No doubt, Apple has millions of loyal customers. In particular, ZDNet mentioned that the appetite for high-end iPhones has continued to increase each year. Most people who choose to buy these feature-rich and pricey phones will spend some time making a decision. Besides making the informed choice to buy a high-quality iPhone, consumers can also take just a little longer to ensure they buy the best warranty.
To get started:
  • Choose the type of phone from the Upsie smartphone warranty page, including iPhone, Samsung, Google, and many other brands.
  • On the warranty subscription page, choose your plan.
  • View the affordable prices and transparent terms of coverage.
  • Click the "Buy Now" button and follow the simple instructions.
Upsie smartphone warranties come with all-day, anytime access to live customer service agents that file claims, the choice of local or mail-in service, and generous terms. Even though Apple's loyal customers may decide that an iPhone is the best phone for them, they also might choose Upsie as the best phone insurance.

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