Upsie Versus AppleCare Phone Insurance

It’s only natural for an Apple user to get AppleCare protection for their new phone. After all, Apple users are very loyal to the brand. But there is a competitor out there that might just get the most devout users to switch. Upsie offers very similar warranty plans. So which company should you choose? We hope this article comparing Upsie versus AppleCare will help you decide.

What insurance is better: Upsie or AppleCare?

Upsie and AppleCare are comparable in terms of coverage, service and ease of repair. However, Upsie smartphone subscription plans have smaller deductibles. Most people like AppleCare because they can get their smartphone repaired by the experts at the Apple Genius Bar. With Upsie, you can request to bring your device to the Genius Bar for all covered claims, too! Upsie also gives you the option to take your repairs to other local shops. This gives you the flexibility that AppleCare doesn't. For these reasons, we believe that Upsie is better than AppleCare.

What does an AppleCare protection plan cover?

AppleCare has two variations: standard AppleCare and AppleCare+. The only difference is that AppleCare+ covers loss and theft and therefore costs more. Both plans cover:
  • Defects in materials and workmanship
  • Drops
  • Liquid damage
  • Camera failure
  • Touch screen failure
  • Audio failure
  • Power and battery failure

Is AppleCare worth it?

Whether or not AppleCare is worth it depends on a few factors. For one, do you want to save money if your phone breaks? Second, do you want peace of mind that you’re covered when your phone breaks? Lastly, can you afford to purchase the protection upfront? We outlined the warranty price for a new iPhone 11 below.
Plan Price Per Month Price 2-Years Repair Deductible
AppleCare $7.99 $149 $29/$99
AppleCare+ $12.99 $249 $29/$99, $149-269
Upsie $9.99 $239.76 $0 for cracked screen repairs, $109 for other repairs

How long after purchase do you have to get insurance?

Apple gives you up to 60 days after iPhone purchase to get AppleCare. You can potentially buy it in four different ways: on your phone, online, in an Apple store or by calling 800-275-2273. Please note that proof of purchase and a remote diagnostic test may be required. In contrast, Upsie doesn't have an eligibility window. You can purchase an Upsie plan for new, used, and old phones as long as it is in good working condition.

Can you get AppleCare if you don’t buy from Apple?

Yes, AppleCare is available for iPhones purchased at other retailers. For example, Best Buy offers AppleCare as an add-on at checkout. Alternatively, you can purchase AppleCare on Apple’s website or by going into a retail store.

How do I make a claim if my phone breaks?

If your iPhone breaks, log into your Apple account to start a claim or schedule an appointment at an Apple store. You can also submit your contact information to Apple Support and they will give you a call back. Not sure if you have AppleCare? Enter your serial number here to see if your phone is currently covered by AppleCare or by Apple’s manufacturer warranty.
Upsie’s claims process is similar: log into your Upsie account and call the number listed or fill out an online form. Because Upsie already has your device information, the claim is quick and easy. An Upsie representative will walk you through your claim, collect your deductible (if needed) and even schedule a repair appointment for you. If you prefer to get your phone repaired at a Genius Bar, they can arrange that, too.

Does Apple give you a replacement phone if yours cannot be repaired?

According to their terms and conditions, “All replacement products provided under this Plan will at a minimum be functionally equivalent to the original product.” In plain terms, they will issue a replacement phone that is either new or refurbished if your phone cannot be repaired.

Does AppleCare cover other devices?

AppleCare is available for other Apple devices including, iPads, Mac, Apple watches, Apple displays and more. Upsie also offers protection for these devices and more, including appliances, TV’s and cameras.
Whether you decide to use Upsie or AppleCare, purchasing device protection is a smart decision that will save you money when your phone breaks. Contact Upsie or browse their website to learn more about their plans. If you choose Upsie, we know you won’t be disappointed.

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