Do You Really Need Cell Phone Insurance?

Cell phone insurance, which is also called a warranty or protection plan, help you cover costs if your phone needs to be repaired or replaced. These plans can save you a lot of money, but unfortunately many people see them as nonessential. Find out more about cell phone protection plans from Upsie and why you need one below.

Do Most People Benefit From a Cell Phone Extended Warranty?

The short answer is yes, especially if you invested hundreds of dollars in a smartphone. Many people buy phones through their cell phone carriers. This way the cost is split up over two years of payments lumped in with their cell phone bill. Subsequently, they might not realize the true cost of the technology in their pockets.
Flagship phones from popular brands such as Samsung and Apple can run you $1,800, and even older models can cost $500 to $800. You wouldn't carry a thousand dollars around in your pocket without taking measures to protect it, so why do the same thing with a device of equivalent value?

Is a Protective Case or Cover Enough Protection?

Cases can be a great option for reducing the damage of impacts if you drop your phone. And some are weather and water-resistant to help your device hold up to use in light rain. But a lot of cases (and screen protectors) people use are simply decorative and don't offer the protection you think they do. In rare events (or situations involving misuse) a case can actually cause damage to your device. This is where an Upsie phone warranty with accident protection comes in handy.

Will the Manufacturer's Warranty Take Care of Me?

Unfortunately, no. Manufacturers aren't in the business of handing free products out because you had an accident. For example, if you dropped your phone and cracked the screen or feel into a pool, the manufacturer does not cover that. Plus, manufacturer's warranties are limited. That means they only cover a short period (typically no more than a year) and they usually only cover defects in parts or workmanship.
You know what's not a defect? Your battery going soft on you in less than a year because you didn't follow a strict charging regimen. With Upsie, battery and power failures are included in your extended warranty plan.

Doesn't Cell Phone Insurance Just Cover the Same Things the Manufacturer Does?

In truth, some so-called extended warranty plans don't cover much more than you get for free through the manufacturer's limited warranty. However, with a plan from Upsie you get comprehensive coverage with accident protection.
Here's what you get when you buy cell phone insurance from Upsie:
  • Outstanding peace of mind, because they cover your phone from top to bottom - Failures of the battery, power issues, camera, touch-screen, headphone jack, audio system, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are all covered.
  • The knowledge that even user error can't keep you from communicating via your phone for long - Upsie plans also cover cracked screens and liquid damage that might occur due to accidents and oopsies.
  • Flexibility when you do need to make a claim - You can have your phone repaired locally with one of Upsie's independently owned repair partners, or ship it in to Upsie's certified repair center.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you'll get a working device back - If repairs are impossible or too costly on the first claim, Upsie will replace your device.
Do you need cell phone insurance? If you're happy to spend another $500 to $1,800 to replace it, or pay a few hundred dollars in repair fees, then no. But, if you'd rather save money while knowing your device is protected, then yes.

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