4 Reasons to Buy an Extended Warranty for Your Smartphone

The question about adding on an extended warranty for your smartphone comes up every time you buy one. It’s easy to brush the request off with the thought, “Why would I need to buy an extended warranty?” It’s true that most devices come with a manufacturer’s warranty; however, those run out after a certain period and there are some situations where you’ll be glad to have accidental damage protection.
Some don’t know that you don’t have to opt for the coverage sold to you by the carrier. Upsie offers the lowest prices on the market for smartphone extended warranties. Let’s look at four reasons why you will want the added protection of an Upsie extended warranty for your smartphone.

1. With Upsie You Get More Coverage At a Lower Rate

What happens if you’re walking down the street and someone knocks the phone out of your hand? What if you accidentally drop it into a fish tank as you’re trying to get a cool overhead shot for Instagram? It’s very unlikely your cell phone manufacturer’s warranty will cover these issues and they rarely cover you if you open the phone and try to fix a problem yourself.
Upsie smartphone extended warranties fill those gaps by covering accidental drops or spills. Upsie offers extended warranties for more budget-friendly smartphones to the highest end available. You save money in the long run by opting for an extended warranty plan from Upsie that includes accident protection because no other competitor on the market can match their rates.
People with expensive phones will not find better prices anywhere for extended warranty coverage. Each plan comes with a reasonable deductible that is well below the cost of repairing or replacing a smartphone without added warranty protection.
It’s true that almost all phones come with a manufacturer’s warranty; however, most major carriers limit the scope of coverage to manufacturing faults. They may pay for repairs if the speakers die two days after purchase or if you can’t connect to any WiFi networks, but not if the screen cracks after slipping out of your cell phone holder (you should read through the fine details of your warranty to confirm what is and isn’t covered by your manufacturer’s warranty).

2. Upsie Helps to Ensure You Get Your Money’s Worth From Your Smartphone Purchase

We now live in a world where high-end smartphones exist that cost over $1,400. Hey, we’re not judging. What we’re asking is, when you shell out that much money for what you want, why would you not do everything possible to protect your investment?
Because of rising costs, replacing a smartphone after a year is no longer a workable option for many people, especially if they’ve purchased one of the more expensive varieties. Buying an Upsie extended warranty means you have coverage beyond that of the average smartphone manufacturer warranty. Most of those only last up to a year, and you’re definitely out of luck if you happen to step on your phone, even while under the manufacturer’s warranty period.
Upsie extended warranty coverage plans last for two years. That’s more time to have peace of mind that you won’t be stuck paying for smartphone repairs if you have an accident during that period. Purchasing an extended warranty plan from Upsie means you recoup your investment quickly without shelling out a lot of extra money.

3. Upsie’s Warranty Claim Experience is Easy

Trying to get your phone fixed under a manufacturer’s warranty tends to be a taxing process. It seems that there’s always some fine detail that pops up, causing delays in getting your phone repaired or replaced. Upsie does everything possible to streamline the process.
The Upsie team helps you locate a certified repair shop for your phone. You also have the option of sending your smartphone directly to Upsie or going to your favorite local shop for repairs. Yes, that includes having your iPhone repaired at a Genius Bar.
They don’t limit the number of claims you can file in a year. Upsie pays for repairs and replacement costs up to the price of your phone, excluding your required deductible. There are no hidden loopholes or fees. You pay your deductible, file your claim, and we take care of the issue.
Upsie lets you access your warranty paperwork 24/7 from your online account. That means you don’t have to keep track of your receipt paperwork at home. All you need to do is log into your account whenever you have questions about whether specific damage to your phone falls under Upsie extended warranty coverage.

4. With Upsie You Can Opt For Protection After Your Purchase

Most phone manufacturers give you a very limited window for purchasing extra protection insurance. If you pass on insurance during your initial purchase, they may not offer you the opportunity to reconsider. Upsie allows you to add extended warranty coverage to your smartphone up to 120 days from the purchase date. You get extra time to think through your decision and get added protection for your new smartphone. Your coverage starts from the date you purchased your phone or received it via shipping.

Don’t Leave Your Smartphone Unprotected

Take some time to look through the different extended smartphone warranty plans offered by Upsie. Upsie protects the things you worked hard for with complete transparency. Call Upsie at (877) 844-7745 if you have any additional questions or concerns. They also respond on Twitter and Facebook Messenger if that’s your preference!

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Updated 3/21/2022

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