How to Protect Electronics from Kids? Extended Warranties.

Kids today need a surprising amount of tech. Gone are the days of a kid just needing a simple Nokia; the average child has a smartphone, tablet, and even a laptop for school. But when you put expensive technology in your child’s hands, you have to expect that eventually it will break. An extended warranty can help protect your electronics.

What Does an Upsie Extended Warranty Do?

Most products today come with a one-year warranty. But that’s really not enough if someone wants their kids’ technology to last longer than a year. After all, no one wants to be purchasing new technology for their children on a yearly cadence.
In fact, most adults want to give their children hand-me-down electronics so they can upgrade. With an extended warranty, you can give your child your old phone or a used phone and still know that it’s protected against damage. This is the best way to protect electronics from kids. And it will take away a lot of the worry that comes with giving your child used tablets and laptops.
In this way an extended warranty saves you money, time and worry. You’ll be able to purchase a device for your family without having to worry that it’s going to immediately break. And that, of course, means that an Upsie warranty can save you money.

How Fast Can an Upsie Extended Warranty Repair My Phone?

One of the other great benefits of an extended warranty is that it’s fast and easy to make claims. You can have your phone repaired at a local shop, Genius Bar, or by sending it to our certified repair center. An extended warranty fixes your child’s phone or even replaces it as fast as possible, ensuring that you don’t need to make any sort of plan B or rush to get an expensive new device.
Children today are exceptionally busy and there’s a lot of school work that they actually can’t do without the right technology. You don’t want your child to be held back because your technology has broken down. Likewise, you don’t want to have to purchase new technology when the fix could be something relatively simple.

What Does an Upsie Extended Warranty Cover?

Many electronic devices today have small parts that are going to break down far before the rest of the device. That’s natural because of the increased complexity of modern electronics. An extended warranty covers these types of incidental breakdowns and more. Upsie phone warranties with accident protection, for instance, can cover things like broken WiFi or a cracked screen. There is a minor deductible, which is far cheaper than paying out of pocket to get the screen replaced. Extended warranties are a great frontline defense against damage to devices.

How Much Does an Upsie Extended Warranty Cost?

The cost of an extended warranty is balanced by the cost of the device itself. This means you’re really only paying for the value that the warranty is able to deliver to you. Your extended warranty will depend on the value of the item that you purchased.
Everyone wants to make sure that their children are prepared for school, and that they have the technology that they need. But it’s challenging to make sure that kids are adequately equipped without also breaking the bank. With an extended warranty, parents can give devices to their children without worrying. Warranties will reduce the cost of repairs for electronics and get broken devices fixed quickly when repairs are needed.

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