Screen Protection or Phone Insurance? The Best Accidental Damage Protection

There are few things worse than accidentally dropping your phone and picking it up to find a spider-web crack across the glass. When you buy a new phone, how will you protect it against screen damage? You can purchase screen protection or phone insurance for your new phone. What one should you buy?

What Can I Do When My Phone Screen Cracks?

Even if you’ve never had a cracked cell phone screen yourself, you probably know somebody who has. It’s not a pleasant feeling when your expensive device makes contact with a hard surface. This is especially true when you pick it up hoping for the best but find the worst: a spiderweb stretching side to side making your phone almost unusable.
If you purchased an Upsie cell phone protection plan, you’re covered from the accidents that life throws at you.

Should I Buy an Upsie Warranty?

Getting your phone repaired out of pocket can cost as much as $599. Luckily you can purchase an Upsie subscription warranty plan that includes accidental damage protection anytime. Yes - anytime - as long as your phone is not already broken. With an Upsie protection plan, your phone will be repaired quickly, easily, and inexpensively. You can file your claim online anytime, or call one of our helpful agents to answer your questions and walk you through the repair process.

Will a Screen Protector Protect My Phone?

At one time phone glass was fragile and buying a screen protector was an easy decision. Not everyone believes that’s still true. According to some, the improvements in glass technology make the protector unnecessary (most phone manufacturers these days use Corning Gorilla Glass or Ceramic Shield).
On the other hand, PCMag argues that screen protectors still have their place. Although glass is greatly improved, there’s no such thing as absolutely scratch-proof. Objects such as sand in your pocket and loose change in your purse can be a problem. Given the modest cost of a screen protector compared to the cost of the phone, you still might want that extra bit of security.

But There’s No Screen Protection Like an Upsie Warranty!

With the security of a good protection plan, you’ll know that screen damage will be taken care of. You won’t have to shop around to get your repair. With the accident protection benefits and the 24/7 claim service, getting your phone back up to snuff is a snap.

Do I Need an Upsie Phone Warranty?

Given that glass is harder to break these days, and that a good case will prevent some impacts from causing serious damage, do you really need accident protection?
Well, for starters, nothing is unbreakable. And there’s not only damage from accidents to think about. Your phone can suffer battery, camera, software or even touch screen failure. Internal functions such as Bluetooth and WiFi can stop working, too. Getting those things fixed can cost hundreds and, even if you’ve repaired one problem, there’s no guarantee you’ll never have another. It’s possible for repairs to cost so much that your phone is effectively “totaled” and the practical solution is to get a new one. This is where Upsie service plans can save you money and heartache.

Do I Want to Meet That Expense When It Arises?

If you’re confident you’ll always have the money for an unexpected phone repair cost, and you’re comfortable with fluctuating expenses, you might consider skipping phone insurance. However, if you prefer expenses to be predictable, and it’s important to have the peace of mind in knowing that you won’t be surprised by an expense repair bill, an Upsie phone warranty is the right choice.
On the other hand, if you’re a naturally klutzy person, and things tend to break on your watch, a protection plan is a no-brainer. Another warranty no-brainer is if you just bought phones for your children. With kids, there is a significant chance you’re going to need that warranty and, with Upsie, you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

Should I Shop Around for the Best Deal?

The last time you purchased a phone, the retailer or the carrier certainly tried to sell you a warranty along with the phone. Did you buy it? With all the decisions and options at purchase time, it’s easy to just say yes and have it added onto your monthly bill. Before you do that, stop and think about it. You don’t have to buy it from them! Instead, save money and purchase a plan with Upsie.
You might expect all phone warranties to be similar in cost, but that’s not the case. Prices vary widely and can add up to over $400 for two years of protection! With Upsie you’ll never pay the inflated costs associated with warranties sold through big box retailers and other service providers. Their flat rate smartphone protection plans costs only $9.99 per month for up to 5 years of protection of phones of any age. That mean that you can protect a phone you’ve had for years, as long as it has no current damage.

Which Is Better, the Screen Protection or Phone Insurance?

A screen protector is of some use, but it will not prevent all damage. Accidental damage protection will protect from cracked screens and so many other accidents. Don’t reject it out of hand because your phone salesperson names a price that’s too high. Compare by looking at independent protection plan companies such as Upsie. Guarding against screen damage may cost less than you might think.

What Other Warranty Benefits Should I Look For?

Not all phone warranty companies include accident protection. If you want screen and accidental damage protection you should choose Upsie. When you choose your plan consider the full array of benefits that an Upsie warranty offers. They include:
  • 24/7/365 claim service
  • Repair of screen damaged caused by accidents or drops
  • Coverage for liquid damage from spills and immersion
  • Coverage for failure of phone components including battery, power cord, wifi, Bluetooth, camera, headphone jack and audio
  • Repair at a local shop, usually same day
  • If you prefer, ship it in with free shipping
  • Replacement if repair is not feasible
Whether you purchase screen protection or phone insurance (or both), is up to you. When you purchase an Upsie warranty you can rest easy knowing you have comprehensive coverage at a price you can feel good about.

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