The Best Tablet Insurance Options for Your 2020 Galaxy Tab

Samsung has a broad line of Galaxy Tab tablets, with something for just about every consumer and price point. While Samsung tablets don’t enjoy the same kind of cultural popularity as the iPad, the sheer number of models and price points makes Samsung’s lineup attractive in a different sort of way. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a decidedly non-Apple flagship, Samsung has options.
Looking to protect your new Galaxy Tab with an extended tablet warranty? There are lots of options on the market. We’ll review some of the top choices for tablet insurance below.

Samsung Care+ and Samsung Premium Care

Samsung offers a sort of competitor to AppleCare+, but the company takes a different approach. Instead of a one-time fee that covers 2 years of protection, Samsung’s offerings charge by the month. Depending on your device, you’ll pay between $4 and $12 per month, over the course of 3 years.
One pro is that you can cancel at any time, so if you don’t plan to keep your phone for more than a year or two, you don’t have to pay for that third year up front. But on the flipside, the costs add up. If your premium tablet lands in the $12 per month tier, you’ll be shelling out a wallet-burning $432 for your coverage.
Samsung is also pretty vague about their service fees/deductibles. They call them “low” for accidental damage, and they don’t charge service fees for approved mechanical breakdown claims.
Lastly, if you’re used to the kind of top-notch customer service Apple provides, you’re going to need to adjust your expectations. Samsung has a pretty rough reputation when it comes to warranty claims. Clearly, Samsung protection is not the best option.

SquareTrade Pros and Cons

SquareTrade made a name for itself back when the warranty market was flooded with sketchy companies that rarely made good on their promises. They came through as the one company you could trust to take an honest, straightforward approach.
SquareTrade has lost that edge, though. Legislation and consumer pressure put the bad guys out of business, and pretty much any mainstream warranty service today is going to be legit. SquareTrade has also steadily increased prices, losing that competitive edge.
Currently, a 3-year plan on a $399.99 Galaxy Tab will run you $110, with a $50 deductible each claim. Warranty prices from are still pretty steep compared to Upsie. We outlined the differences between Upsie versus SquareTrade to help consumers make an informed decision.

Asurion Pros and Cons

Asurion is another big name in the extended warranty market, but it’s a tough one to review or recommend. You can’t buy a protection plan directly from Asurion. Instead, Asurion works with all sorts of retail partners, powering the warranties sold by AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and 20 or so other massive retailers.
The pros? Asurion insures a lot of devices. Seriously, we mean a lot. They also recently purchased uBreakiFix, giving them a massive brick and mortar presence. Most of you aren’t more than 20 minutes away from uBreakiFix store, and that can be a big deal.
The cons, though, are probably a little obvious. Their service is fragmented in a massive way. Your experience is going to feel different depending on the retailer you’re going through, and simply finding your existing warranty can be mind-numbingly frustrating.
And good luck finding pricing information ahead of time: you’re likely to get pressured into an Asurion sale at the point of purchase, where you can’t compare with other brands. It’s not hard to imagine that companies taking this approach and hiding their rates maybe, just maybe, aren’t offering the most competitive rates. In fact, we know their rates are not the lowest.

Upsie Pros and Cons

The defining feature of an Upsie extended tablet warranty is the price. Upsie keeps its overhead low: the company doesn’t have an expensive retail footprint, and it doesn’t advertise in some of the conventionally very expensive ways (like TV spots in big games), so that savings gets passed along directly to Upsie customers.
Upsie rates are based on purchase price. That same $399 Galaxy Tab that cost you $110 on SquareTrade? With Upsie, you’re covered for 2 years for $65.99. And 3 years of coverage is only $102.99 and change. Plus, with Upsie, your deductible is half of what others charge – just $25.
With Upsie, you also get all the quality you could ask for – the same or better as the coverage offered by other brands. Upsie works with some of the same insurance carriers, offering protection against accidental damage, liquid damage and more. Plus, a wide range of mechanical defects and failures are covered, too.

Get an Upsie Extended Tablet Warranty Today

The equation is simple. As good or better coverage plus a much lower price tag equals an obvious answer: Upsie is the best tablet insurance choice.

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