Upsie Protection Plans versus Samsung Phone Insurance

Samsung Care+ is Samsung’s warranty service that they offer with the purchase of a new phone. It’s awfully convenient to click the “add” protection button during the purchase process on Samsung’s website, but should you? There is a better option: Upsie Protection Plans. We compared Upsie vs Samsung phone insurance and outlined why you should protect your new Samsung phone with Upsie.

Is Samsung Care+ or Upsie Protection Plan better coverage?

Both Samsung Care+ and Upsie offer great protection services. In fact, they mostly cover the same things. Due to a lower price and excellent service, we believe that Upsie is the better protection plan option.

What does Samsung Care+ cover?

Like Upsie, Samsung Care+ covers accidental damage such as drops, liquid spills and cracks. It also covers hardware failures due to use. If you have a defective phone due to no fault of your own, it will likely be covered.

Does the Samsung warranty cover water damage and cracked screens?

Yes, the Samsung extended warranty covers water damage and cracked screens as long as the damage wasn’t due to neglect and was instead done accidentally.

How much does Samsung Care+ cost?

The price of Samsung Care+ varies. For example, it costs $8 per month for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung’s FAQ’s state that they also have plans that start at $3.99 for less expensive phones like the Galaxy A52. Plans automatically renew monthly for up to three years of protection.

What’s the difference between Samsung Care+ and Samsung Premium Care?

Samsung Premium Care is the old name for Samsung’s warranty services. These same services are now called Samsung Care+. If you hold a Samsung Premium care plan, it is still perfectly valid and you can receive assistance at 1-866-371-9501.

Can I get Samsung Care for the Galaxy S23?

Yes, Samsung Care can be purchased when you buy your Galaxy phone or within 60 days of activating your new Samsung phone. We recommend reviewing other options like Upsie before hitting the “add” button, though. You may find that a lower priced plan with fantastic service is to your liking. You can purchase an Upsie warranty for new, used, and old phones, regardless of when the phone was purchased and aren't limited to making a choice in the first 60 days of ownership like with Samsung Care.

What protection should I get for Galaxy Smartphones?

The Galaxy S23, Z Flip and Z Fold phones are all fantastic. With state of the art cameras and beautiful metallic colors, you will certainly want added protection. It should only be guarded by the best protection plan, which is why we suggest using Upsie. An Upsie Galaxy smartphone subscription warranty costs $7.99 per month. That’s cheaper than Samsung Care+ for most phone models. Upsie plans also run for up to 4 years after you start them, so your phone will be safer than Samsung's 3 year cap on coverage.
Upsie plans cost less because they cut out the middleman to pass savings on to you. In addition, Upsie's cracked screen deductible is $0, meaning you can get your phone screen repaired without paying anything out of pocket.
Despite having low prices, Upsie's service is top-notch. In fact, they pride themselves on their 24/7 online claims and quick repairs. Check out some of their reviews on Trustpilot.

How can I learn more about Upsie protection plans for Samsung phones?

Learn more about Upsie protection plans by visiting their website. You can also give them a call on weekdays from 9am-4pm at 1-877-844-7745, or shoot them a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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