Upsie Versus SquareTrade Phone Warranties

Upsie and SquareTrade offer similar warranty plans for an array of devices. Top device categories include smartphones, tablets and laptops. But what warranty company should you use to protect your new device? We explored each companies’ warranty plans and outlined why we believe Upsie is the best option.

What insurance is better: Upsie or SquareTrade?

As stated above, we believe that Upsie is the better insurance. In fact, Upsie was created when SquareTrade was already an established business so consumers would have a better, more consumer friendly warranty option. Upsie warranty plans cost less for close to the same coverage and they offer fabulous customer service.

What do SquareTrade mobile insurance plans cover?

Coverage for SquareTrade and Upsie smartphone warranty plans are very similar. They both extend the manufacturer warranty and offer accident protection for brands like Apple, Samsung, Google and more. Here is a break down of coverage:
  • Drops
  • Spills or water submersion
  • Battery and power failure
  • Touch screen failure
  • Audio failure
  • Wifi and bluetooth failure

Does SquareTrade cover lost or stolen phones?

No, SquareTrade does not cover lost or stolen phones.

What devices does SquareTrade cover?

SquareTrade covers smartphones like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Note, OnePlus and Google Pixel phones. They also cover tablets, laptops, TV’s, appliances and more. Upsie covers all of the same devices that SquareTrade does.

How much does SquareTrade cost?

SquareTrade charges a flat fee for smartphone protection plans, no matter the device. Upsie has different warranty prices for different phone pricing tiers. So, if you purchase a lower priced phone, the warranty will cost less, too. Here is a pricing break down:


Phone Price SquareTrade Price SquareTrade Deductible Upsie Price Upsie Deductible
$200-399.99 $215.76 $149 $79.99 $50
$400-849.99 $215.76 $149 $105.99 $75
$850-999.99 $215.76 $149 $129.99 $75
$1,000-1,499.99 $215.76 $149 $159.99 $99
Family plans are also an option through SquareTrade. You can protect up to four devices for $19.99 per month or $479.76 for two years of protection. Depending on the purchase price of the phones, purchasing four separate plans through Upsie may still cost less than the SquareTrade family plan. For example, four iPhone 11 Upsie warranty plans would cost $423.96. That’s $55 less than the SquareTrade family plan for two years.

How long do I have to buy a warranty?

You can buy a warranty for your phone at any time as long as it is in good, working condition. However, you must still have the receipt in order to use your warranty. If you don’t know where your receipt is, we recommend finding it or trying to get one from the retailer you purchased it from before buying a warranty.
In contrast, Upsie gives you up to 120 days after purchasing the phone to get a warranty. Upsie covers new, used and refurbished devices as long as they come with a sellers or manufacturer warranty to ensure they are in good condition.

Can I get a warranty for my used or refurbished items?

Yes! Both SquareTrade and Upsie offer warranties for used and refurbished smartphones that are in good working condition.

How do I cancel my SquareTrade plan?

Cancel your SquareTrade plan at any time by calling 1-866-318-2173. If you cancel within the first 30-days, you will receive a full refund. After that, your plan will be cancelled after the current monthly billing cycle.

How do claims work?

SquareTrade allows you to file up to four claims per smartphone plan. You must have your smartphone receipt on hand to make a claim. If you don’t have it, you will need to locate it or try to request a copy from the retailer you purchased it from. If your phone cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced, it will end your plan.
Upsie does not limit the number of claims you can make. Instead, you can make an unlimited number of claims up to the purchase value of the phone. So, if your phone cost $1,000, and your first claim was for $200, you have $800 remaining in claims. Furthermore, when you activate your Upsie plan, you are required to upload a copy or picture of your phone’s receipt. This way you don’t have to keep track of it yourself, and the claims department already has your device information when you call. It makes Upsie claims quick, stress free and they can often be taken care of on the first call.

Does SquareTrade repair or replace?

SquareTrade repairs devices if a repair is possible. If a repair is not possible, and a claim has not been made on the account, they will replace the device with an equally functioning model.

Can you extend a SquareTrade smartphone warranty?

SquareTrade smartphone warranties renew on a monthly basis. They will continue to renew until you cancel your plan. If you purchase a new phone, your plan will automatically transfer to the new phone. Make sure to save the receipt of the new phone because you cannot use your warranty unless you have the receipt.

So should you get Upsie or SquareTrade?

If you want to save money and get quicker service, you should get Upsie. Their plans are easy to understand and there are no hidden fees, ever. Upsie has 24/7/365 claims where they make repairs quick and easy. In fact, they offer same-day phone repairs in most cases.

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Upsie is a leading provider of warranties for devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, TV’s and more. They have served thousands of happy customers across the US from their headquarters in Minnesota and theirs claims center in Florida.

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