What to Know About the New Fifth-Generation iPad Air 2022

Apple unveiled plenty of new tech at its March event, including a new iPhone and a Mac Studio computer and monitor. To add to the excitement, the latest iPad Air 5 comes with Apple’s advanced M1 chipset, 5G connectivity, and an improvement in transfer speeds with USB-C. Even more, Apple has not increased the iPad Air’s price since the initial release of the iPad Air 4.

The Apple iPad Air 5 Price and Release Date 2022

Along with other recently announced products, Apple has already opened pre-orders. The company plans to begin shipping on March 18th. The Apple iPad Air 5 will cost the same as the Air 4 did upon its release.
Tech Advisor says to expect these retail prices for various versions of the Air 5:
  • WiFi with 64GB of storage: $599
  • WiFi with 256GB of storage: $749
  • WiFi and 5G with 64GB of storage: $749
  • WiFi and 5G with 256GB of storage: $899
Apple has consistently dropped prices for previous versions upon the release of new ones. If they stick with this tradition, budget-minded consumers might wait until the iPad Air 5 starts shipping to look for good deals on the iPad Air 4. Apple also runs a generous trade-in program, so they should get a supply of refurbished trade-ins to sell to their customers.

A Quick Summary of the New iPad Air 5

Besides 5G connectivity and faster transfer speeds, expect much better performance because of Apple’s new M1 chipset. Apple claims this new chip can boost the CPU 60 percent and the GPU 100 percent. In addition, upgrades to the 16-core neural engine should also increase the device’s AI performance, which should help speed up graphics applications.
On the outside, the Air 5 looks a lot like the Air 4. It comes with the same color choices: pink, purple, gray, and starlight. Plus, Apple added a new blue option.
According to TechRadar, Apple left the design of this device virtually unchanged since the release of the Air 4, so users should find the most dramatic differences in the way the iPad Air 5 functions. The company dramatically redesigned the Air 4, and this update drew rave reviews after its release. Thus, users might feel pleased to see that Apple leaves well enough alone sometimes.

The Best iPad Air Extended Warranty in 2022

Some fans of Apple devices might automatically assume that their favorite electronics company also offers the best extended warranties. Apple designs and produces innovative devices. However, due to Apple’s high warranty prices and limitations on claims, customers should look elsewhere for extended warranties.
Instead, the best option for iPad warranties comes from Upsie. Upsie covers accidental damage, including damage from drops and spills, as well as manufacturing defects and more. In addition, while AppleCare+ limits claims to two per year, customers with Upsie can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
Even better, Upsie manages to keep its prices and deductibles low by offering protection plans directly to customers. Upsie offers premium services such as 24-7 live claims assistance and a choice of certified local or mail-in repairs. Besides the iPad Air, Upsie also protects other Apple devices and various brands and kinds of electronics.
The new Apple iPad 5 offers a premium solution at a fair price, and that’s precisely what Upsie extended warranties provide their customers as well.

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