Coverage Where It Counts: Best iPad Warranty or Insurance

The iPad is a marvel of modern consumer technology. 30 or even 50 years ago, sci-fi writers dreamed up a slab style computer that could do just about anything. It was the stuff of the future, until 2010 when Apple went and built it.
The iPad created a new class of device: something between your computer workstation and your smartphone. And over the past 10 years, the iPad has grown into a range of devices with a range of purposes and functions. Such an important piece of technology deserves the best protection.

Humble Beginnings to Powerful Companion Device

The iPad started out its life as a somewhat curious device that the tech press had a hard time figuring out a use for. It was too underpowered to do “real” computing tasks, too clunky and heavy to hold for long periods of time, but yet a little too small for comfortably enjoying media.
Over the years, the iPad’s perception has changed dramatically, and so have its capabilities. Many of us got used to consuming content on smaller devices, for one thing. And the iPad has become more and more powerful as the years have gone by. It’s also gotten lighter, even as the display has gotten bigger.
The iPad also gained stylus support, starting with the iPad Pro and eventually cascading throughout the lineup.
Today, the iPad is a solid companion device capable of keeping up with many common computing tasks. Some light users might even replace their computers with an iPad, though this remains impractical for many.

Today’s iPads Run the Gamut

Today, Apple produces an entire spectrum of iPads. The cheapest iPad, just called iPad, is a relatively inexpensive device geared for media consumption, kids, and education environments.
The new iPad Air is an impressive premium tablet, capable of doing just about anything most users need, albeit maybe a little less efficiently than a computer can do them. The Air starts to move into the category of “creation device” rather than just being a consumption device.
And the iPad Pro, in its two size configurations (large and comically large), is a powerhouse of a tablet. It features the latest in tablet tech and plenty of power for creatives and techies alike.
Oh yeah, and there’s also the iPad Mini, now in its fifth generation. It’s everything you like in an iPad, just smaller.

Premium Tablets, Premium Prices

Apple’s tablets have plenty of attractive features, but many of the models can get a little bit expensive. An iPad Pro with cellular and max storage options costs well over $1000. With prices like that, most users want an extended protection plan or warranty. Let’s explore some of the top options available.

AppleCare+ Pros and Cons

Apple users have access to the company’s in-house warranty program, AppleCare+. It’s the first warranty program most Apple users think of because it’s the one that Apple itself advertises. Apple has made a name for itself in terms of excellent customer service and customer experience, making their warranty a pretty easy sell at the sales counter.
Don’t get us wrong: AppleCare+ is a quality offering. But the price seems to grow higher every year, and it gets harder and harder to justify the cost. Apple is cagey about pricing info, but MacWorld pegs it at $129 for any iPad Pro and $69 for any other iPad. For the money, you get two years of extended protection, but you can only make a maximum of two claims. You also have a $49 deductible to pay each time.

SquareTrade iPad Warranty

SquareTrade made a name for itself in the “bad old days,” when every retail store offered extended warranties and most of them were highly suspect. Back then, SquareTrade offered reasonable rates and honest coverage.
Well, the world has changed, and SquareTrade struggles to keep up. The skeezy warranty companies have all but vanished, thanks to consumer pushback and new legislation. And SquareTrade’s prices shot up when they were no longer the shiny new player in the market.
You can get iPad coverage through SquareTrade, but it’s worse than AppleCare+ in just about every way. The plans cost more upfront ($149 for Pros and $109 for the rest), with the same deductible. The only attractive point is that they do offer a 3-year plan.

Upsie iPad Warranty

Upsie hits a sweet spot, offering the same quality coverage you get from AppleCare, but at a much better price. It also includes accident protection which covers drops, spills, and cracked screens. Upsie offers 2-year and 3-year plans with accident protection and tiny $25 deductibles. Rates are based on purchase price, with an extended warranty on a $499 iPad going for just $72.99. And with Upsie, you even have access to Genius Bar repairs!

Get Upsie Today

With top-quality coverage and the most competitive rates, Upsie is the obvious choice for best warranty coverage for your iPad.

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