Why Artists Should Consider Buying an Art Tablet

Art tablets let artists create digital art using a stylus to simulate a pen, pencil, or brush. According to UC San Diego, artists can create illustrations, drawings, and paintings on these graphics tablets just like they could on paper or canvas.
At the same time, software and hardware tools help artists work more efficiently and accurately. Find out more about the benefits of using an art tablet, some examples of the best models, and how to protect them.

Benefits of Using an Art Tablet

Once artists get used to an art tablet, they generally enjoy improved speed and accuracy. Here are some of the main benefits that artists can enjoy when they begin using an art tablet.

Artists Can Work More Rapidly

Artists often struggle to correct mistakes made with pencil, ink, or paint on physical mediums, like paper. An art tablet works with editing software that makes it almost as easy to edit out errors as it is to delete a line of text in an email. The software also provides tools to speed up work, like creating custom colors and painting large areas with a few clicks instead of laborious hand-done mixing, painting, or coloring.

Artists Can Work More Accurately

Tools that help artists work faster can also help with accuracy. For instance, an artist can use the software to create or copy a precise color palette rather than relying on mixing paints to duplicate a shade and hue. Software tools also help artists and designers adhere to specific dimensions and other specifications.

Examples of Art Tablets on the Market Today

Precursors to modern art tablets debuted decades ago. Since then, tech has evolved so that the best tablets today simulate the feeling of working on paper.
Popular Mechanics recently reviewed several popular brands of graphics tablets and ranked the Cintiq 16 as their top choice. Some of the best features of the Cintiq 16 include precise pressure sensitivity, an anti-glare screen, and virtually no lag between the pen and the tablet. The Cintiq 16 retails for $650, and it needs to work plugged into a computer.
The Deco Mini7 stood out as the most affordable art tablet on the list. It can connect to various devices via a USB-C cable, including a PC, Chromebook, or smartphone. This device only costs $40. The Deco Mini7 provides a good choice for budding artists or even established artists who want to know if they will enjoy working with this kind of device.

The Best Extended Warranties for Your Art Tablet

Serious amateur and professional artists may spend hundreds of dollars on premium art tablets. Sometimes craftspeople, architects, and engineers also use these tools for design work. Since these artists and designers rely on art tablets as a valuable tool of their trades, they will want to take steps to protect their investments. After all, manufacturer’s warranties typically only last a year and only offer to help customers in case of unusual manufacturing defects.
Upsie offers affordable, comprehensive extended warranties for art tablets. In addition, since Upsie doesn’t sell through electronics retailers, the company doesn’t increase prices to account for retail commissions. As a result, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from manufacturers or retailers.
Upsie keeps prices low while providing its customers with 24-7 claims representatives by phone. These reps help customers by answering questions, filing claims, and assisting customers in arranging local or mail-in repairs. Upsie’s coverage will repair mechanical, electrical, or electronic damage while only charging a $25 deductible.
Compare various art tablets to find the perfect balance of features and price. Then protect that valuable tool with an Upsie warranty.

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