Review of the Best Wacom Drawing Tablets for 2021

Wacom launched a tablet with a cordless stylus for use in CAD, or computer-aided design, in 1984. Since then, they have pushed the boundaries of touchscreen technology and solidified their name in artistic communities.

Is Wacom One of the Best Drawing Tablet Manufacturers?

Wacom wasn’t the first to deliver art tablets to artists, but they came up with innovations that made the concept of art tablets much more useful and popular. As an example, Tedium mentioned that Wacom first used electromagnetic resonance to generate power to interact with tablets without any batteries or other power source in the stylus.
These early tablets cost from about $4,000 to $8,000. However, within the past several years, the company has targeted more affordable products at regular consumers, like budding artists and other kinds of hobbyists. Also, with advances in technology, even professional products have dropped in price.

The Best Wacom Art Tablets on the Market in 2021

According to Digital Camera World, the latest and best Wacom art tablets offer an experience that feels almost like drawing with a pen and paper. For instance, lines grow wider and bolder with more pressure and fainter and thinner with less pressure. Thus, artists can use digital technology to increase productivity or even introduce new types of creative work without conforming to an unnatural technique.
Artists and designers don’t necessarily have a tough time deciding to buy a Wacom drawing pad. Instead, many struggle to decide which of Wacom’s many choices will serve them the best. To help inform shopping for this company’s products, take a closer look at some popular Wacom art tablets on the market in 2021.

Cintiq Pro 32 Touch: The Best Art Pad for Pros

The Cintiq Pro 32 Touch costs $3,300 and may be out of reach for most amateur or semi-pro designers and artists. On the other hand, serious professionals will consider the purchase an investment that can help them deliver better results in less time. Some attractive features include 4K resolution, a generous screen, and 8,192 pressure sensitivity levels.
Besides the high price, this device weighs over 28 pounds, so it’s not the most portable choice. Some smaller, lighter, and more affordable options for professionals include the Cintiq Pro 24 Touch and Cintiq Pro 16 Touch. They each cost about $2,500. The Pro 24 still weighs about 16 pounds, but the Pro 16 checks in at a little over three pounds.

Cintiq 16: A More Affordable Option for Pros

The Cintiq 16 offers a more affordable choice for professionals who aren’t ready to invest thousands in their art pad yet. It lacks a touchscreen but still provides 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity with the stylus pencil. The Cintiq 16 works with macOS and Windows, and it retails for about $650.

Why Purchase an Extended Warranty for Wacom Drawing Tablets?

There are many benefits of having an extended warranty for tablets. Having an extended warranty for your Wacom art pad protects it from damage, ensuring you have access to your art tablet whenever you need it. In fact, Upsie warranties for tablets don’t just protect against wear and defects. They also help pay to repair damage from broken screens, touchscreen failures, connectivity issues, and much more.
Upsie customers enjoy 24-7 phone service and their choice of mail-in and local repairs from certified services. Their direct sales model means Upsie charges lower premiums and deductibles than competitors.
Upsie warranties provide the best possible protection for your art tablet.

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