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What We Know About the New Sony PlayStation VR2

Despite how much VR technology has advanced in recent years, we are still in the relative infancy of this revolutionary new gaming platform.

Best Oculus Quest 2 Games For Children and Families

According to the Oculus Safety Page, the company offers its products for ages 13 and up.

The 8 Most Anticipated VR Games of 2022

VR gaming is an ever-advancing field. Manufacturers consistently create new VR headsets, such as the PlayStation VR 2 for the PS5.

Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Versus Xbox and PlayStation

Cloud gaming may be an emerging technology, but it holds a ton of promise. As such, it has drawn the attention

How to Play Xbox Video Games on a Tablet Computer

Xbox gave players the option to stream games from a console years ago.

Is the 8BitDo Pro 2 the Best Affordable Xbox Controller?

If you are a professional gamer who has committed to living on a budget, you might wonder what controller you can buy to keep up gaming

Top Mobile Gaming Controllers for Android Smartphones

These days, gamers can find many of the same titles for Android devices that they might only have expected to see available for PCs

Full Recap of the 2021 Gaming Awards

According to the annual Gaming Awards website, the gaming industry develops the most inspiring, challenging, and immersive kind of entertainment.

PlayStation Spartacus Will Rival Xbox Game Pass

PlayStation owners, listen up! There’s a new service coming to consoles in 2022.

Google Stadia Vs. Xbox Cloud Vs. Nvidia GeForce Now

Just like cloud computing in general, cloud gaming provides new opportunities.

Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration Recap

Microsoft announced the 20th anniversary of the Xbox gaming console and celebrated games that started it all

Steam Deck Release Update: What Else to Know

Game console enthusiasts have hotly anticipated Valve’s Steam Deck ever since Valve unveiled it in the summer.

What to Expect From the Nintendo Switch 2

Believe it or not, the Nintendo Switch is nearing its fifth birthday.

VR Headset Showdown: Oculus Versus HTC

Anyone looking to buy one of today’s best VR headsets will no doubt have considered models from Oculus and HTC.

5 Reasons You Need a Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

One common question among new Nintendo Switch owners is whether or not they need a screen protector

Introducing Xbox Night Mode and How to Enable It

In its October 2021 Xbox update, Microsoft rolled out a few new features to various Xbox devices.

A Quick Guide to PS5 Storage Expansion With the Best SSD

Most gamers eventually reach the point where they need to delete games before they can add new ones.

Compare the Best VR Headsets for Kids Under 12

VR is an ever-expanding market. Popular VR experiences include fitness, exploration, education, meditation, and of course, gaming.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack: A Deal for Families

A subscription to Switch Online Expansion Pack opens up a lot more features to make the most of the Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, or OLED Switch.

Here’s Everything We Know About Project Cambria

Facebook recently teased what it’s calling Project Cambria — a new high-end virtual reality headset.

Sony PlayStation VR 2 Rumors – November 2021

Virtual reality headsets have never been more popular among gamers than they are right now.

Top Holiday Gaming Gifts for Console and PC

The festive season is now fast approaching. But when it comes to the gamers in our lives, what are the best gaming gifts?

Nvidia GeForce NOW Review Roundup

Around 18 months from its public launch, GeForce NOW from Nvidia continues to attract mixed reviews.

Microsoft Announced Xbox Storage Expansion Cards

Are you running out of space on your Xbox? If so, don’t worry, as Microsoft recently announced a 2TB upgrade solution.

A Full Review of the Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo’s hotly anticipated new Switch is here! Admittedly, it’s rather more of a refresh than a whole new console.

Compare PlayStation Plus Vs. PlayStation Now Subscriptions

CNET criticized PlayStation for offering confusing subscription options, but they also admitted that other companies

What Xbox Cloud Gaming for Console Means for You

Xbox Cloud Gaming has been around in beta form for the better part of a year

Top Games Available Now on PlayStation

There are hundreds of video games available on the PlayStation store.

The Best Xbox Controller Case for Protecting Controllers

A new video game console is a big investment — and one that you need to protect.

How to Customize a Battle Beaver Controller

The rise of competitive eSports has given way to a cottage industry of controller makers.

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