Alienware X14 for 2022: Alienware’s Most Portable Laptop Yet

Gamers buy gaming laptops to enjoy portability. While most models of gaming laptops satisfy that criteria, they’re usually relatively heavy and bulky compared to the most streamlined laptops on the market. That’s why the announcement of the 2022 Alienware X14 gaming laptop generated excitement. TechRadar said that the X14 stands as one of the brand’s most portable options yet.

Alienware X14: Price and Availability

Though Alienware announced the new X14 gaming laptop, they have not offered an official release date. The company plans to send some of its other new models to retail outlets in the spring. So hopefully, Alienware will provide eager gamers with an official release date in the next several weeks.
Also, Alienware did not yet specify a price. However, industry watchers speculate that the manufacturer may price it modestly because Alienware won’t include the top-tier GPUs as an option. The latest Alienware X15 sells for about $2,100. As a result, it’s reasonable to expect them to charge somewhat less for the Alienware X14, making it a mid-tier laptop.

What to Expect From an Alienware X14 Gaming Laptop in 202

The Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics card might limit expectations for performance somewhat. Still, this chip offers a powerful solution, so the machine should handle graphics processing well enough for most games. In addition, the designers included the RTX 3060 as a design solution because of the available cooling they can fit within the small case. Last year, PC Magazine noted the slim build of the X15, and the X14 should be even smaller.
Even gamers who feel disappointed about the GPU should cheer up when they see the Intel H-Series CPU chipsets available. Early testers also praised the comfortable keyboard and generous amount of RGB lighting.

Is the Alienware X14 Gaming Laptop a Good Deal?

With a width of just over half an inch and a weight of slightly over four pounds, this gaming laptop should appeal to people who care about portability as much as performance.
Even though Alienware designed this gaming laptop to fit a slim case, the designers included an 80 watt-hour battery. After all, true portability doesn’t just stem from a small size but also a reliable battery. The device also includes a 14-inch FHD monitor that’s capable of 144Hz.
The machine may not offer the highest specs on the market, but it should keep up with almost any available games. Prospective buyers will probably want to wait until Alienware announces the price and more information about the price.

The Best Alienware X14 Extended Warranty

People who spend over $1,000 on a gaming laptop won’t want to leave warranty protection to chance. Even though Alienware makes durable, high-quality computers, portability makes these devices vulnerable to accidents or adverse environmental conditions.
Common problems that laptop users experience include screen cracks, water damage, and worn buttons. At the same time, the manufacturer’s warranty will only help pay to repair defects. An extended warranty will offer more protection, so people who buy gaming laptops will feel comfortable taking their computer with them to work, school, friends’ houses, and vacations.
Luckily, Upsie offers extended warranties for Alienware gaming laptops and will provide plenty of protection. In addition, Upsie’s warranties are affordable and cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold by manufacturers or retailers. Upsie protects laptops from accidental damage, manufacturing defects, internal failures, and more.
Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for laptops bought in the last 60 days. After pairing a laptop with an Upsie warranty, enjoy 24-7 live claims and a choice of local or mail-in repairs.

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