What to Know About Alienware Curved Ultrawide Monitor

Ultrawide monitors are flying off store shelves these days. This demand is prompted, in part, by their expanded audience. Gamers hungry for the most screen space have been snatching these monitors up for years, but now remote workers realize they can also take advantage of them. As a result, ultra-wide monitors promise to dramatically improve productivity among a variety of professionals. Meanwhile, improvements in gaming monitors promise to take PC gaming to the next level.
Alienware — a known quantity in the PC gaming space for decades — has its own ultrawide monitor aimed exclusively at gamers. This curved monitor features all the bleeding-edge technology players demand from a trusted brand. Keep reading to learn all about this impressive display — and to determine whether it’s worth the premium price.

Tech Specs of the Alienware Curved Ultrawide Monitor

When it’s time to choose the perfect gaming monitor, two main factors come into play above anything else. First: resolution, which will ensure players can play at 4K or higher. And the screen refresh rate, which allows for silky smooth, lightning-fast gameplay.
The Alienware AW3821DW doesn’t compromise in either department. The 3840 X 1600 resolution — while not technically 4K due to the ultrawide nature of the panel — gives players enough pixels to keep them mesmerized. Crank up the graphical settings on a particular game and it’s easy to see all the details the developers put so much work into.
The refresh rate is no slouch either, packing 144 Hz when connected with a DisplayPort cable. Curiously, the refresh rate takes a bit of a dip when connected via HDMI. 120 Hz is still nothing to sneeze at, however. Most PC gamers will want the ultimate level of fidelity — and DisplayPort is now essentially the standard — so this shouldn’t be an issue for most players.
As for the display panel itself, it looks gorgeous thanks to the Nano IPS technology. VESA DISPLAYHDR 600 also means games that support a High Dynamic Range will look stunning. Combine this feature with NVIDIA’s G-Sync Ultimate, and the result is downright impressive.

Does the Alienware Curved Ultrawide Monitor Make A Difference?

Ultrawide screens are practical, but can the same be said about curved screens? While they look cool at in-store demos, do they make a tangible performance difference? Skeptics suspect that this could merely be a gimmick to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Alienware itself touts the benefits of curved gaming monitors by citing the more immersive experience. This is true, but it’s not going to compare to VR or a screen so large it takes up an entire field of view.
One definitive benefit of a curved screen comes from added peripheral vision. With a curved screen, items at the far edges of the display are physically closer to the eyes. As a result, this could aid players in RTS game menu navigation — or with seeing peripheral threats in first or third-person shooters.
Enthusiastic PC gamers want their rig to look as cool as possible, so they may find the curved monitor compelling. In that respect, the Alienware AW3821DW is a winner, as it’s perhaps the coolest-looking PC gaming monitor out there. For those who think carefully about aesthetics before making purchasing decisions, Alienware enjoys an edge over the competition.

Price of the Alienware Curved Ultrawide Monitor

Given the performance and capability packed into the Alienware AW3821DW, it’s no surprise that it commands a premium price. At $1,459, it’s definitely expensive. But it’s well worth the cost. Similar displays from LG retail in the same price range but aren’t nearly as eye-catching as the Alienware model. Nevertheless, enthusiast PC gamers who are already spending thousands on in-demand GPUs should have no trouble finding extra room in their budgets for this monitor.

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