Compare Gaming 2-1 PCs: Asus ROG Flow Z13 Versus X13

Asus generated plenty of excitement recently for their just-announced ROG Flow Z13 gaming 2-1. Last year, Asus debuted the ROG Flow X13. Thus, the Z13 entered the market as the second in the series. Like the X13, the new machine also offers 2-1 tablet and laptop functionality and many comparable features.
Still, the two ROG Flow machines vary considerably in other ways. And, even though Asus released the Z13 in the same line as the X13, few reviewers compared the ROG Flow Z13 to its predecessor. Instead, they imagined the Z13 as more like a Surface computer specifically designed more for gaming than for business.

Compare the Asus ROG Flow X13 Versus Rog Flow Z13

Last year’s machine looks a lot more like a standard 2-1 with a touchscreen. For example, instead of detaching like the Z13 keyboard, the X13’s keyboard flips to the back. That way, users can use the machine as a tablet or connect to another keyboard and monitor if they choose.
The CNET reviewers said the keyboard felt more like a business keyboard than a gaming one, so they suggested buying an additional gaming keyboard to improve the gaming experience. That solution might work well for using the gaming machine on a desk. Still, people who want to use the X13 as a portable device for commutes probably won’t lug around an additional keyboard, so that addition would detract from the machine’s portability.
In contrast, the Z13 offers a detachable keyboard that earned positive reviews as a decent gaming keyboard. Even though the original setup of both machines compares in size and weight, this benefit means that users don’t need to invest in or lug around an extra keyboard. The Z13 also looks more like a modern gaming PC, with its lighted window in the back to let people peer into the computer’s internals.

Is the X13 or Z13 Better?

The X13 and Z13 can both connect to Asus’ ROG eGPU too. With this accessory, either PC can rival premium gaming laptops. Otherwise, the machines vary somewhat in basic specs, such as weight and screen size. However, they differ primarily because of their design, with the Z13 appearing more like a stylish gaming computer.
Tom’s Guide found the battery life of the ROG Flow X13 about average. Unfortunately, independent reviewers have not had the opportunity to test the Z13 yet. Gamers who want to enjoy a truly portable experience might wait to see if the Z13 offers better battery life.

How to Protect Asus ROG Flow Gaming 2-1 Computers

Asus just announced the ROG Flow Z13, so it’s a little early to tell how well it will appeal to serious gamers who also want a portable tablet/laptop combination. Additionally, Asus has not released the Z13’s retail price, so it’s hard to say which machine offers better value. Any gamers on the fence about these two gaming computers might want to wait until they have more information to make an informed choice.
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