Samsung Versus Maytag Washer Dryer Sets

How do you choose between Samsung and Maytag washer and dryer sets? Both Samsung and Maytag have unique sets with different features and add-ons. Here’s a full comparison of the best washer and dryer sets.

Samsung Versus Maytag Washer Dryers: Price

Most of Samsung’s washers and dryers cost between $949 and $1,999. Of course, the price hinges on the smart features included with the appliance. For example, a washer and dryer that comes with Speed Wash and AI-Powered Smart Dial will cost more than a basic model that only includes WiFi connectivity. Something unique about Samsung’s washers and dryers is that almost all of the company’s models are “smart” and will connect with other smart devices in your home.

Since most people choose to purchase sets instead of stand-alone washers and dryers, let’s look at the average prices for Samsung washer and dryer sets. On average, you’ll pay around $2,000 for a Samsung set. However, the price can easily reach as high as $3,500 for a set.

Maytag’s washers and dryers sit in a similar price range. For a Maytag washer and dryer set, you’ll pay between $1,600 and $3,000. Unlike Samsung, not all of Maytag’s washers and dryers come with smart features. The more affordable options (often with a price of $800) have no additional smart connectivity. However, you can find a smart Maytag washer for as low as $1,399.

Overall, you’ll find several more affordable options from Maytag. That said, the two brands sell their appliances with similar price tags.

What Are the Best Washer Dryer Sets from Samsung?

Now that we know the general price range you can expect for a Samsung washer and dryer set let’s take a look at the best washers and dryers offered.

Samsung FlexDry Set

The FlexWash and FlexDry set from Samsung is one of the best-rated options. The FlexWash is unique because it has two separate washing and drying drums. This means that you can wash and dry two separate loads of clothing at the same time. In addition, the washer and dryer are WiFi connected, allowing you to monitor the cycle from your phone.

You can purchase the set for around $4,000 (or $2,000 each). However, Samsung occasionally runs sales for these appliances, and you can sometimes find the washer and dryer discounted to just $1,000 each.

Samsung Stackable Washer and Dryer

If you’re living in a home with less room, you can purchase the Samsung Stackable. The washer and dryer are front-loading and stacked on top of each other to save space. The dryer comes with a steam function to prevent wrinkles in your freshly washed and dried clothes. In addition, the set is sold as a pair and costs less than $2,000, making it a fairly affordable option.

Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity

If you want a washer and dryer that looks modern, minimalistic, and sleek, then Samsung’s famous Bespoke line is one of the best options. The set costs $3,298, and both units are front-loading. The washer has automatic dirt sensing to help you pick the best cycle for your clothes and an auto-dispensing system to always use the right amount of detergent. In addition, the unit works together to wash and dry your clothes in under one hour.

Like most of the units in Samsung's lineup, this pair also uses AI technology and WiFi connectivity to ensure you get the best experience with your washer and dryer.

What Are the Best Washer Dryer Sets from Maytag?

Although Maytag doesn’t have as many unique features and options as Samsung, they still have several solid choices for a washer and dryer set. Here are three of your best options.

Front Load Washer and Dryer With Extra Power

For only $1,199 per unit (and $2,398 for the set), you can purchase the Front Load Washer and Dryer With Extra Power. It comes with a 16-hour fresh hold option that will keep your clothes smelling fresh even if you leave the clothes inside the washer for up to 16 hours. In addition, the washer has a quick wash, sanitize, and steam option. The dryer counterpart has Advanced Moisture Sensing and Wrinkle Prevention.

Smart Top Load Washer with Extra Power Button

If you like the Extra Power option, but you prefer a top-loading washer and dryer, then this is the better option. It includes many of the same features as the previously mentioned washer but comes with a Deep Fill option and a built-in water faucet. In total, the set will cost around $2,498.

Pet Pro Top Load Washer

For pet-friendly homes, the Pet Pro set is a great choice. It comes with several features to pull out pet hair, sanitize, and remove allergens. For example, the washer has a Pet Pro Filter that removes five times more pet hair than other models. The Pet Pro dryer comes with an XL lint trap, a steam-enhanced dryer, and wrinkle prevention. Together, the set costs $2,398.

Which Washer and Dryer Set Is Best for Your Home?

Choosing the best washer and dryer set for your home depends on your budget, space, and situation. For example, if you have several pets and traditional washers and dryers don’t pick up the pet hair from your clothes, it would be smart to choose a washer and dryer like the Pet Pro from Maytag that focuses on that issue. On the other hand, if you’re more worried about space, then Samsung’s Stackable is a good option to take up less room than a side-by-side washer and dryer.

In addition, before choosing a washer and dryer, make sure to read through the customer reviews. Checking the customer reviews helps you determine whether the appliance lives up to its promises.

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