LG WashTower Versus Samsung Stackable

The primary advantage of stackable washer and dryer sets appears obvious. These two-in-one appliances offer a smaller footprint. In addition, the vertical design provides extra space for cramped laundry rooms so that homemakers can use that additional area for a sorting table, shelves, or a garment rack.
These new stackable sets come connected to the internet. That means the appliances can help make better decisions about laundry cycles, communicate with each other, and send alerts when it’s time to tend to the laundry.

Compare Stacked Washer and Dryer Pairs

Samsung stackable washing machines and the LG WatchTower have emerged as popular choices for stacked, smart appliances. However, their similarities might make choosing between them difficult. Here’s what you need to know about the LG WatchTower and the Samsung Stackable Washer and Dryer.

Samsung Stackable Compared to LG WashTower

Spruce rated Samsung as their top overall pick for stacked washers and dryers. More specifically, they chose the front-load washer and front-load dryer with steam. The spacious dryer’s steam function can help avoid needing to iron. The washer’s stainless steel tub even has a cleaning setting. Expect to pay less than $2,000 for the pair.
Samsung promotes their washers and dryers as stackable, but owners can also set these machines side by side. In comparison, the LG WashTower’s novelty lies in that both the washer and the dryer come as one unit.
One disadvantage of stacked Samsung lies in the placement of the controls for the top machine. Some people may need to stretch or find a footstool to reach them. In contrast, the WashTower placed its control panel over the dryer door on the bottom of the machine. The washer rests on top and uses the same buttons. Spruce also reviewed the WashTower positively and mentioned the central panel as a benefit.
The WashTower generally retails for about $2,500, but look for sales that may slash a few hundred dollars from the price. Of course, it costs more to buy this two-in-one unit than to purchase separate Samsung stackable pieces, but the LG WashTower also offers more innovative technology.
For instance, the washer and dryer communicate seamlessly to time the entire wash cycle or pre-heat the dryer as the washer finishes its cycle. The machine also connects with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, uses AI to determine the best cycle, and can send alerts when it’s time for human intervention. These features can help extend the lifespan of clothes and save money on water and electricity.

Is the LG WashTower or Samsung Stackable Set Better?

Consumers who want a more conventional washer and dryer should find the Samsung stackable set satisfying. However, the LG WashTower offers innovative features that make laundry day less of a chore. Both LG and Samsung offer amazing washer and dryer options.

Affordable Protection Plans for Stackable Washer and Dryer Sets

These stackable washer and dryer sets come from tested brands and should satisfy most purchasers. Still, even the most durable appliances can suffer from unexpected problems. Typical washer and dryer issues that generally require professional repairs include failure to turn on, broken belts, unusual noises, and leaks. Repair visits average about $200, and some cost twice that much.
An affordable Upsie extended warranty for washers and dryers will ensure prompt, in-home repairs with no deductibles. In addition, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from manufacturers or retailers. Best of all, Upsie’s claims representatives are ready to answer the phone 24 hours a day, and customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the appliance.
Upsie’s comprehensive and high-quality warranties ensure that your machines stay in the best shape possible.

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