All About the Fitbit Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker Lawsuits

These days most everyone is wearing a smartwatch or fitness tracker. These devices can help improve your workouts and track your heart rate, steps, and sleep patterns for a healthier lifestyle. Recently Upsie touted some of the coolest Fitbit features to get the word out to fitness tracker lovers.
Lately, however, the media is abuzz about news of various lawsuits aimed at Fitbit.

Fitbit Lawsuits

The month of May has been busy with reports of numerous lawsuits regarding Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches. Legal professionals in charge of the Fitbit lawsuits claim that users are getting burned by devices that overheat.
Some of the models named in the lawsuit are the Fitbit Versa, Sense, and Ionic. So far, there are no reports of burns with the Fitbit Charge 5 model.
Unfortunately, this is not the first Fitbit lawsuit. Previous claims were explained away when Fitbit responded by saying users were wearing the watches too tightly or they were allergic to the band material. However, the new lawsuits are different, and people are experiencing serious burns on their wrists when the wearables overheat. Users claim, “this is no rash; it’s a serious burn.”
After more than 78 users complained about severe second and third-degree burns, Fitbit eventually recalled its Ionic device and offered users a refund. However, the latest flurry of injuries is clearly not caused by friction, and plaintiffs in the lawsuit insist that the issue is due to a defective battery and charging system that is overheating.
Google owns Fitbit, and after two months of waiting, Google customers who filed a claim for a full refund have yet to see their money. Legal professionals say that Google is intentionally “suppressing refunds” to avoid dealing with the issue.
In response, users have taken to Twitter to share their negative experiences and illustrate their pain with pictures of the burns. Dozens of owners complain that they filed claims for a refund but have yet to see any money. When media outlets contacted Google for a response, they refused to reply.

What About the Fitbit Smartwatch Warranty?

Fitbit users may wonder where the Fitbit smartwatch warranty falls into all of this.
Regardless of the type of fitness equipment you purchase, you should always check out the warranty first. Smartwatches are full of complex electronics that could fail. Most manufacturers’ warranties last only about a year and cover manufacturing defects but not accidental damage. However, when you buy a fitness tracker or smartwatch, you expect it to last more than a year. After your warranty expires, you will have to pay for repairs or replacements yourself.
That is where Upsie comes in! With an Upsie extended smartwatch warranty, you pay up to 70% less, and you get responsive claims support 24/7. Upsie covers your device for accidental damage like screen cracks, drops, and spills. In addition, Upsie protects from electronic failure, battery issues, power problems, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues, and even touchscreen problems.
Trusting someone with your valuable products can be hard, but not with Upsie. If there is a problem with your smartwatch, Upsie uses certified repair technicians. Customers can choose between local repair shops or prepaid two-day shipping. Either way, you are completely covered, and you can make unlimited claims as you need up to the full price of the device. As a result, customers get premium protection at an affordable price.
Enjoy peace of mind with the best extended smartwatch warranty on the market with Upsie!

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