How Can a Fitbit Sleep Score Help Improve Sleep Quality?

A sleepless night can sap energy and sour moods. Over time, sleep deficiencies may contribute to serious, long-term issues with mental and physical health. Even with some rest, various interruptions to sleep cycles can reduce sleep quality and cause harmful effects.
Some indications of low-quality sleep may include a lack of focus, a bad mood, and poor performance. Over time, WebMD says that accumulated effects of poor sleep can mount and might contribute to weight gain, diabetes, and even heart problems.

Solving Sleepless Nights With Fitbit’s Sleep Score

Sleepers can’t track all the times they woke up or rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. In addition, it’s difficult to track reasons that may have contributed to your poor sleep schedule. As a result, poor sleepers are forced to deal with the effects without knowing how to solve the problem.
In contrast, a Fitbit smartwatch can monitor sleep patterns to provide valuable information to help improve sleep duration and quality. Fitbit offers this information as what they call “Sleep Score.” Keep reading to learn how your Sleep Score can change how you sleep.

What Does the Sleep Score in the Fitbit App Mean?

The Fitbit sleep score shows up in the app after syncing data in the morning. Some Fitbit wearables will also display this score on the device. Besides the sleep score, this feature will also show the total time slept for the night.
According to Fitbit, a score from 90 to 100 indicates excellent sleep quality, but a score below 60 means the app user suffered a poor night’s sleep. The app calculates this score by accounting for these factors:
  • Time spent awake and asleep: More time spent asleep improves the sleep score.
  • Time spent in deep and REM sleep: The score improves with more sleep time spent in REM or deep sleep.
  • Level of relaxation: The Fitbit also monitors heart rate and movement during sleep to gauge the user’s level of relaxation
Fitbit’s sleep tracking features can help users determine if low-quality or interrupted sleep might play a role in problems they experience during daytime hours. To solve the problem, they might set aside more time for rest, resolve to avoid stimulants several hours before bedtime, or consult with a doctor for medical advice.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With an Upsie Smartwatch Extended Warranty

Fitbit and other high-quality wearable companies produce durable products. Still, the fact that wearable owners wear their devices all day and night subjects them to stresses that most electronics don’t need to withstand. Very often, users find that repairs cost as much as the original device.
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