The Fitbit Charge 5: New Fitness Tracker Specs and Features

The Fitbit Charge series of wearables always focused on fitness tracking. Expect the Fitbit Charge 5 to follow this trend but to also include advanced features for all kinds of activities and health concerns. This new wearable can even offer some assistance with mental health. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fitbit Charge 5.

When to Expect Deliveries of the Fitbit Charge 5

With worldwide deliveries expected in September or October, Fitbit just started accepting preorders for the Fitbit Charge 5. Right now, people can order this new tracker directly from the company.
Perhaps because of the chip shortage and ongoing logistics concerns, Fitbit left themselves some wiggle room when they said customers can expect to see their new tracking devices during the fall. In any case, they should arrive before the holiday season ramps up. The price point and arrival time could make the new tracker a great choice for a holiday gift.

Highlights of the New Fitbit Charge 5 Specs and Features

According to TechRadar, the Charge 5 will cost $179. The Charge 3 and Charge 4 debuted at $149. However, Fitbit can justify the higher price point with a more durable build and extra features.
For example, the company replaced the plastic case and band with a stainless steel case and a silicone wristband. In addition, the Fitbit Charge 5 comes with onboard GPS, a high-resolution color display, and ECG and EDA sensors. The AMOLED display also includes a sensor to adjust the brightness, depending upon ambient light.

What Does the Fitbit Charge 5’s EDA Sensor Do?

EDA refers to electrodermal activity. This means that the EDA sensor tracks changes in skin conductivity.
According to studies published by the National Institute of Health, these changes occur in response to stress. The report says that wearables can provide early detection of changes in mental states before a person may even consciously acknowledge them. This kind of early detection might help people understand and manage emotions.
The Fitbit app will also prompt wearers to record circumstances that may have preceded changes to their emotional state. In that way, the Charge 5 device and app moved beyond just helping people maintain their physical health to a tool that can also help users maintain their mental health.

How Does the Charge 5’s EKG Sensor Work?

The EKG sensor helps wearers check for an irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation. Sometimes, this symptom precedes heart attacks. In particular, people who already suspect heart problems will appreciate the fact they can offer the doctor useful reports from the app. Users who may not already know about heart issues might take this information to their doctor to see if they need medical intervention.

Is the Fitbit Charge 5 Worth the Wait?

This new fitness tracker appears to offer a durable build and many features at a reasonable price. People who can’t wait might want to check out Fitbit’s other advanced fitness wearables. These include the Inspire 2, Versa 3, and Sense. Fitbit priced the Charge 5 higher than the Inspire 2 but lower than the Versa 3 and Sense.

Does a Fitbit Fitness Tracker Need Extended Protection?

As with most electronic devices, Fitbit includes a one-year limited warranty with each purchase. Manufacturers offer these warranties to assure customers that products arrive in good condition. However, this kind of protection won’t last long or help pay for damage from accidents or the environment.
In contrast, customers can purchase a two- or three-year extended warranty for fitness trackers from Upsie. An Upsie warranty will overlap with the manufacturer’s limited warranty and take over coverage entirely once the limited warranty expires.
The fitness tracker warranty guards against defects and damage, including broken screens, water damage, connectivity problems, and much more. Upsie even lets its customers choose between a certified local repair shop or mail-in service.
Fitbit makes full-featured, durable fitness trackers. Still, these devices are vulnerable to adverse conditions and climates. Upsie will help Fitbit owners feel confident about their investment by protecting it every step of their journey.

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