Fitness Tracker Extended Warranties Explained

Let me guess: you want to count your steps? Track your workouts? Monitor your health? Whatever the reason for purchasing a fitness tracker, it’s likely to improve your life in some way. An extended warranty will ensure that your fitness tracker stays in working condition so your journey to health never comes to a halt.

What is the best extended warranty for your Fitbit?

The best extended warranty for your Fitbit or other fitness tracker comes from Upsie. Upsie’s plans are very competitively priced and are clear to understand. Additionally, they don’t make you dig through complicated terms and conditions; rather, they give you all the warranty information upfront before you purchase.

Should you get an extended warranty for your Fitbit?

Fitbit comes with a limited manufacturer warranty, which does not cover accidental damage. Not only is it limited in coverage, it is also limited in time to one-year. Chances are that you plan to use your watch for multiple years, not just one. This is why an extended warranty makes sense for your Fitbit.

Does Fitbit offer an extended warranty?

Yes, Fitbit does offer an extended warranty for their smartwatches and fitness trackers. It covers manufacturing defects and accidental damage for two years. Upsie offers the same coverage as Fitbit, but their price breakdown is different. Here is a breakdown of warranty prices for the different watch models as of 3/22/2022:


Watch Price Upsie Fitbit
$99.95 $25.99 w/ $25 deductible $19.99 w/ $15 deductible
$149.95 $25.99 w/ $25 deductible $29.99 w/ $15 deductible
$159.95 $25.99 w/ $25 deductible $34.99 w/ $25 deductible
$199.95 $25.99 w/ $25 deductible $39.99 w/ $25 deductible
$229.95 $41.99 w/ $25 deductible $44.95 w/ $30 deductible
$299.95 $41.99 w/ $25 deductible $59.99 w/ $35 deductible


How long is the Fitbit warranty?

The Fitbit warranty lasts for one year. It’s important to note that the warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the Fitbit. So, if you sell the watch or give it to someone, the warranty may not apply. Alternatively, if you purchase an extended Fitbit warranty through Upsie, you can choose between 2-year and 3-year plans that are transferrable. With Upsie, you have up to 60-days post watch purchase to get an Upsie warranty. They cover new, used and refurbished watches.

Does Fitbit warranty cover cracked screens?

Fitbit extended warranties like Upsie cover cracked screens. On the other hand, the manufacturer warranty alone does not. Upsie covers all cracks from accidents including drops from the table, banging your wrist on the counter, etc.

Is my Fitbit battery covered under an Upsie plan?

A Fitbit battery is covered under Upsie’s plan. They also cover bluetooth failure, power failure, touch screen failure and more.

What to do if your Fitbit or other fitness tracker breaks – the claims process

The claims process is different depending on where you get your warranty. Because Upsie costs less for the same coverage, I will assume that you bought an Upsie warranty. Unlike other warranty companies, the Upsie claims process actually begins when you activate your plan.
  • Firstly, active your warranty by uploading a copy or picture of your receipt and entering basic device information.
  • Start your claim by filling out a form in your account or calling the Upsie 24/7/365 claims line. A real person will answer.
  • Because you activated your plan, the service representative already has your information. The service representative will decide on the first call if your claim is approved.
  • When your claim is approved, the service representative will collect your $25 deductible, locate a repair shop near you and schedule an appointment. Not in a rush? Upsie will send you a shipping label and packaging supplies to ship it into their repair facility.
  • Lastly, send or bring your watch in for repair. Viola!
Purchasing and using a fitness tracker extended warranty from Upsie couldn’t be easier. You’ll be thankful that you decided to go with Upsie down the road when your watch malfunctions and breaks because Upsie will get it repaired in no time.

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Updated 6/01/2022

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