Is a Used or Refurbished Smartwatch Warranty Worth It?

Purchasing a refurbished device is a good money saver. However, there is risk involved because you don’t know what that device’s life was like before it ended up with you. Luckily, Upsie offers comprehensive warranties on used or refurbished smartwatches, tablets, laptops and more! Read on to learn about used smartwatch warranties.

Refurbished Apple Watch FAQ

Apple sells certified refurbished apple watches directly on their website. These watches go through a refurbishment process that includes cleaning, inspecting, functionality testing and replacing parts as necessary. Because of this rigorous process, a refurbished Apple Watch is a great choice. Additionally, refurbished Apple Watches come with a one-year limited warranty that protects against manufacturing defects. It does not protect from drops, spills and other accidents, though.

Do I need AppleCare for my used Apple watch?

You do not need AppleCare, but it is a good idea to get warranty protection. There are alternatives to AppleCare that offer just as good if not better service and coverage. Upsie, for example, has lower plan prices for very similar coverage. Rather than limiting your claims, Upsie offers unlimited claims up to the purchase value of your plan. Better yet, repairs on covered claims can be made at your local Genius Bar. This means that, if your Apple Watch cost $600 and a cracked screen repair costs $150, you can accidentally crack it and get it repaired up to four times! AppleCare limits you to two accidental claims.

FAQ for Refurbished Samsung Watches

Samsung does not sell refurbished watches, but you can buy refurbished Android watches from retailers like Best Buy and Amazon. These refurbished watches come with anywhere from a 30 to 90-day warranty that ensures your smart watch stays free from defects and malfunctions for the duration of the warranty. However, this warranty does not cover common accidents like drops and water submersion like Upsie does.

Should I get a warranty for my Samsung smartwatch?

Yes, you should get an extended warranty for your Samsung smartwatch. You never realize how much your wrist comes into contact with until you’re trying to protect the new watch on it. A warranty from a reputable company like Upsie will give you peace of mind that your new, used or refurbished watch is protected from accidents.

Fossil refurbished smartwatch FAQ

Fossil makes some great watches, so it’s no surprise that their refurbished watches are good, too. You can find a large variety of refurbished smartwatches available for sale on their website. All watches come with a two-year limited warranty that covers internal components. The Fossil warranty does not cover accidental damage for drops, spills, water submersion and more. Luckily, an Upsie warranty covers all of those things.

Can I get a warranty on my refurbished Fossil smartwatch?

Upsie offers warranties for new and refurbished Fossil smartwatches. Please note that your smartwatch must come with at least a 30-days sellers warranty.

Refurbished Amazon smartwatch FAQ

Amazon sells refurbished, pre-owned and open-box products under their Amazon Renewed program. These items are inspected and tested before being sold to ensure they are working properly. In addition, all Amazon Renewed products come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee where they will provide you with a full refund or replacement device if yours malfunctions. This 90-day guarantee also enables you to protect your smartwatch with an Upsie warranty.

Is a warranty for my used smartwatch necessary?

A used device, such as a phone or smartwatch, has a higher risk of breaking than a new model. For that reason, a warranty is highly recommended.

Does my refurbished watch come with a warranty?

Most refurbished watches will come with a seller's warranty. This ensures that the watch will be in proper working-order for the set amount of time. Watches sold on eBay and Amazon typically come with a 30-day seller warranty. If the watch is refurbished by the manufacturer, it may extend to 90-days, but that still does not cover accidental drops or spills like an Upsie warranty does.

Who has the best refurbished smartwatch warranty?

Hands down, Upsie has the best refurbished smartwatch warranty. The reason their plan is the best is this: accidental protection. Upsie is one of the few companies that offers accident protection for drops and spills. In addition, their plan prices are lower and their service is fantastic.

How do I buy a warranty for my refurbished smartwatch?

If you purchased your smartwatch within the last 60 days, and it came with at least a 30-day seller warranty, you are eligible to purchase an Upsie warranty. Simply head to and select the product information. This will include the type of product, brand, condition and price paid before tax and discounts.
We hope that you and your used smartwatch have a long and healthy life together. If you want to ensure that happens, protect it with a reliable Upsie warranty. For more information on Upsie warranties, visit their website.

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