Should You Get a Warranty for Your Smartwatch?

If you recently purchased a smartwatch, you were likely asked to add on a warranty or protection plan. But do you really need one? And is buying one at the store the best option? Find out why we recommend getting a warranty for your smart watch from Upsie.

What are my wearable tech protection plan options?

When you purchase your smartwatch or fitness tracker, the retailer will likely offer you a protection plan. However, those protection plans are not usually the most economical option, and don’t always provide comprehensive coverage against drops and spills. Retailers rely on warranties to increase their profit margins. It’s why their prices are higher than alternate warranty options, like Upsie.

What is the best smartwatch warranty?

The best smartwatch warranty is a protection plan from Upsie. They offer two and three year plans for new, used and refurbished smart watches. Upsie keeps their plan prices low for the same great coverage that retailers offer. (Sometimes even better!) Moreso they are always working to improve their already great customer experience by listening to customer feedback and optimizing the site. How great is that?

What does the extended warranty cover?

Upsie’s extended warranty covers new smartwatches that come with a 90+ day manufacturer warranty and used or refurbished watches that come with a 30+ day seller warranty. Protection covers life’s accidents like drops, spills or water submersion. It also covers common smartwatch issues like battery and bluetooth failure.

Are cracked screens covered?

Yes, cracked screens are covered under the Upsie smartwatch warranty. Whether you accidentally hit your wrist against something, or accidentally knock your watch off the counter, Upsie will repair your cracked screen. Simply call to make a claim and it will get back to working order in no time.

Is my smartwatch covered from water damage?

Upsie does cover water damage. If you accidentally drop it in water or spill on it, Upsie will repair your smartwatch.

What is the claims process and deductible amount?

Making a claim with Upsie is as easy as making a phone call. See, after you purchase your plan, Upsie requires you to activate it by uploading a copy of your receipt and entering basic device information. Then, when you need to make a claim, they already have all of the watch information! You will never have to search for your receipt and purchase information again. This makes the claims process quick so your smartwatch will be repaired in no time. Once the service representative approves your claim, they will collect a $25 deductible and then schedule a service appointment for you.

What if my smartwatch can’t be repaired?

If Upsie cannot repair your smartwatch, they will replace it. In the rare case that a comparable replacement cannot be found, Upsie will issue a check for the remaining value of your device warranty minus any previous claims. The remaining value is the plan protection amount minus any previous claims and the deductible. For example, say your smartwatch cost $400 and you previously made a claim for $150. $400 – $150 – $25 deductible = $225 reimbursement check.
In conclusion, getting a warranty for a smartwatch from Upsie is a smart idea. It will save you money when your watch breaks or malfunctions and will give you peace of mind that your watch will be repaired quickly and correctly. Upsie will even cover approved claim repairs for your Apple Watch at a local Genius Bar. Get in touch with Upsie by sending them a message on Facebook or Twitter, or by contacting them on their website.

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