How to Buy the Best Extended Warranty for Refurbished Tech

A few years ago, consumers might have associated refurbished tech with individual sellers, eBay, local computer stores, or pawn shops. According to market research, today's most prominent drivers of refurbished technology include large tech companies, such as Apple, Acer, Dell, Samsung, and others. The refurbished market growing has driven demand for protection plans, too. We'll take a look at the best extended warranty for refurbished tech.

What's Behind the Growth in Demand for Refurbished Technology?

Global concerns about reducing electronic waste and consumer demand for affordable technology drive the worldwide market for refurbished technology, which keeps growing with the overall demand for electronics. During the coronavirus pandemic, more people worked and studied at home while the economy slowed, further sparking growth within this market.

What is Refurbished Tech?

Popular examples of refurbished devices for consumers include smartphones, personal computers, gaming consoles, and appliances. Programs for refurbishment generally consist of diagnosing, repairing, testing, cosmetic fixes, and repackaging devices with a limited warranty against defects. Typically, companies provide shorter warranties for refurbished electronics than for new products.

Who Benefits From Refurbished Electronics?

Programs to refurbish and resell electronics can benefit just about everybody:
  • Refurbished devices offer an additional income stream and another avenue to expand brands for retail sellers.
  • For buyers, these pre-owned devices provide affordable access to working technology.
  • For device owners, trade-in and sales programs may give them a chance to upgrade to new devices more frequently.
Of course, refurbishing programs help everybody in another way. Fixing and reselling pre-owned devices reduces waste and helps keep electronics out of landfills. Fixing and reselling smartphones, electronics, and other products helps make the entire electronics industry more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Do Refurbished Electronics Work Well?

Some people feel reluctant to purchase refurbished electronics because of concerns over the reliability of pre-owned devices. They may think that previous owners traded in devices because of problems, and they're unsure how to protect themselves.
Some people trade in so-called lemons, but many consumers take advantage of chances to trade up to buy the latest devices, even though the old products still function. Either way, reliable resellers diagnose, repair, test, and provide some warranty protection to reassure customers that they won't waste their money. Consumers should purchase from trustworthy retailers that will warranty their work for at least 30 to 90 days, offering time to uncover existing problems that the seller might have missed.
PC Magazine offered the two best reasons to purchase refurbished electronics: saving money and keeping products out of landfills. At the same time, the publication provided some cautions:
  • Don't buy products advertised as "as-is" because they won't come with a guarantee or warranty.
  • Find out the general condition of the article and who performed the refurbishment.
  • See if the product comes with the same accessories a new product would have.
  • Compare prices to ensure this product offers good value for its condition and age.

The Best Extended Warranty for Refurbished Tech and Electronics

Don't think that purchasing a refurbished electronic device means going without warranty protection. As long as the product comes with at least 30 days left on the manufacturer's warranty or a 30-day seller's warranty, Upsie offers extended warranties for refurbished electronics.
New or used, Upsie warranties offer 24-7 claims by phone, flexible repair options, and the most robust coverage on the market. Even more, Upsie charges up to 70 percent less than warranty competitors because they don't need to inflate their prices to cover retail commissions.
Upsie protection plans will cover refurbished laptops, gaming consoles, and many other kinds of electronics and appliances. These pre-owned products can offer a fantastic way to save money and support sustainability. Don't hesitate to compare prices and features for available refurbished electronics. After buying one, protect it with an Upsie extended warranty.
Upsie also offers a subscription warranty for used and refurbished smartphones. The subscription costs just $9.99 per month, and customers gain comprehensive protection for their smartphones.
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