Simple 2-Step Guide to Installing Third-Party Apps on LG TVs

The LG Smart TV Web OS offers viewers a wide selection of apps. According to the manufacturer, these apps can give viewers an almost unlimited selection of viewing options, including YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. At the same time, more than one user has found the array of menus and options that will allow them to install these apps somewhat confusing. Some users aren’t even sure where to find apps that will work with their new TV. To get help, take just a few minutes to browse this short guide to installing third-party apps on LG TVs.

Two-Step Guide to Installing Third-Party Apps on an LG Smart TV

According to Tom’s Guide, users of Smart LG TVs can access over 200 apps. However, they can’t install them from Google Play, the Apple Store, or any more familiar app distributors. Instead, the apps must come from the LG Content Store. To find apps that will work with the Smart LG TVs, follow these simple steps.

1. Open up the LG Content Store

First, find the LG Content Store within the ribbon menu on the home screen. At first, the content store might appear to contain mostly shows and movies. To narrow choices down to apps, find the button for the App Store on the top of the screen.

2. Find Apps

Once inside the App Store, users can arrange various apps by categories or view them together. From there, users should find it very simple to select apps for various streaming services, read the short description, and then click the install button to add them to the TV. After installation, look for the app on the home screen’s ribbon menu.

How to Ensure Long-Lasting Smart TV Enjoyment

When compared to old-fashioned TV sets, smart tvs offer a lot more content choices. Because they connect to the internet, they can access streaming video apps, other shows, and even video games. They may even have apps that connect to other smart home systems. Because these high-tech sets combine attributes of both TV sets and WiFi-connected computers, they also have a lot of fragile components and systems.
Adding an Upsie extended warranty to a smart TV purchase can be a smart move. While most manufacturers or retailers will offer extended warranties at the time of purchase, nothing forces a consumer to buy one. In fact, prudent consumers should research warranty options as carefully as they compare features and options on various TV sets.
For a couple of examples:
  • Upsie smart TV extended warranties provide protection against issues with screens, WiFi connections, power, and moving parts. They also cover screen burn in, a common problem with new TV sets.
  • Upsie also provides in-home repairs from certified techs. If they determine it doesn’t make sense to repair the problem, Upsie will even offer a replacement set.
  • All Upsie customers need to do to begin their claim is phone the 24/7 customer service center to speak with a live agent.
Generally, the TV will come with a manufacturer’s limited warranty to protect customers against defects or pre-purchase damage. Since Upsie gives their customers up to 11 months after a purchase to buy a TV extended warranty, there’s no reason to feel pressured at the sales counter.
Learn more about the benefits of extended TV warranties from Upsie. After that, simply get a quick, transparent quote on affordable Upsie LG TV warranties. Of course, Upsie also provides protection plans for other brands of TV sets, other electronics, and many appliances. It’s as easy to buy an Upsie warranty as it is to install apps on modern smart TV sets.

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