Omni Fire TV QLED Series Information

The Omni Fire TV QLED Series is one of the best TVs Amazon has made so far. It has a 4k Quantum Dot Display, Advanced HDR, and Adaptive Brightness. Plus, with up to 96 dimming zones, the TV will match the contrast level to the light in the room, giving you the best quality picture at all times.

Omni Fire TV QLED Series Specs

Daniel Rausch, vice president of Amazon Entertainment Devices and Services, said in a press release, “The Omni QLED Series delivers stunning artwork, glanceable information, hands-free controls, and so much more–it reimagines what customers can expect from a smart TV.”
The TV brings realistic contrast, lifelike colors, and measurable depth to your living room, making movies, TV shows, and videos feel real. It has Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive for rich color and brightness. The Fire TV’s Adaptive Brightness also adjusts the display brightness to match the light in the room.
With up to 96 dimming zones, the TV will automatically create the best contrast for the picture on the screen. This should improve the contrast and color while still showing subtle details. Plus, you can enable the Ambient Experience, and the TV will show personal photos and a customizable screen. When enabled, this mode will automatically turn on when someone enters the room.
Plus, the Amazon Omni Fire TV has access to over one million movies and episodes. Its smart feature hub also includes popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, and Disney+. In addition, it has built-in Alexa, so you can control the TV hands-free, even when the TV is powered down. You can say, “Alexa, turn on the TV.” And the TV will power itself on.

Where Can You Buy the Omni Fire TV QLED Series?

Amazon released two sizes of the Omni Fire TV QLED Series: a 65-inch and 75-inch option. The 65-inch TV costs $799.99 and the 75-inch TV costs $1,099.99. You can purchase both sizes on Amazon.
While checking out on Amazon, you can also add other purchases to your cart. Some great options include the Universal Tilting Wall Mount or the Universal Full-Motion Wall Mount. Amazon also offers an Alexa Voice Remote Pro for $34.99.

How Does the Omni Fire TV QLED Series Compare to Other Options?

Samsung has a similar style of TV with The Frame. Like The Frame, Amazon’s Omni Fire TV can display art for a cleaner feel in the room. Its Ambient Experience mode will display art and personal photography to make the TV feel like a portrait on the wall when you’re not actively using the TV.
The main difference between The Frame and the Omni Fire TV is the price. A 65-inch The Frame costs $1,999.99, while the Omni Fire TV costs just $799.99. Despite the price difference, Amazon’s option seems to include a lot more features. For example, Amazon includes over 1,500 free art pieces with the Omni Fire TV, while access to The Frame’s collection of 2,000 art pieces costs $5 per month.
The Frame does have a matte, anti-reflective screen, while the Omni Fire TV does not. However, overall, it seems like Amazon’s more affordable TV is the better deal.

Protect Your Omni Fire TVs With Upsie

When you purchase the Omni Fire TV from Amazon, the site has the option to add a four-year protection plan for $159.99 through AllState’s SquareTrade. However, this plan is limited and doesn’t offer the best coverage. For example, customers can only make three claims during the four-year period. In addition, you must add the protection plan to your purchase within 30 days of buying the TV, forcing customers to make a fast decision.
Instead of settling for a SquareTrade warranty, pair your TV with Upsie. First of all, Upsie’s warranty is more affordable. A five-year warranty for the 65-inch Omni Fire TV costs $159.99, meaning you get an extra year of protection for the same price as SquareTrade’s plan.
In addition, Upsie customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the TV. Upsie protects your TV from screen burn-in, dead pixels, mechanical failure, power failure, and other TV-related malfunctions.
Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for TVs bought in the last 11 months.

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