First Steps to Take After Buying a New TV

Buying a new TV is exciting and fun. Checking out different brands and comparing models, features, and prices is the best. First, however, be sure you follow these essential steps after buying a new TV.

Unpack Your TV Carefully and Install It

After buying a new TV and bringing it home, move the TV box to the room where you will be installing it. It’s best to unpack the TV in the room that it will stay in, so you don’t have to carry it through the house, risking unnecessary damage.
Carefully unbox your new TV and save all the packing materials. If you need to return the TV for any reason, they will come in handy later. Or, if you decide to sell the TV or give it away later, you will want to be able to package it for safe travel.
Take a quick inventory and ensure the TV and accessories are present and unblemished. Be sure it comes with everything it is supposed to as listed on the box. Next, set aside the user’s manual and new TV warranty for safekeeping.
Some brand-new TVs come with stands or feet. But some consumers like the clean look of mounting a TV on a wall. It’s not very difficult if you get the right mounting equipment. Make sure to pick the TV mount that works best for your TV. Luckily, TV mounts are fairly simple to install.
You simply need to find studs to screw the mounting brackets to install a set on your new TV and click it into place.
Take the time to figure exactly where on the wall you want your TV before installing it. There are precise measurements you can use. You can also use these small kits to drill two small holes in the wall and hide your cords behind the drywall, so it’s a perfectly clean look.

Set Up Your New TV & Program Your Remote

Once your TV is mounted on the wall where you want it, it is time to set it up and test it out.
Turn on your TV and wait for it to boot up. Most new TVs come with operating systems like a computer. Follow the prompts to set the language, date, time, and other settings the way you want them. The TV may also prompt you to connect to your Wi-Fi network and download and install popular apps like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.
Most smart TVs offer you the option of programming your remote to work with your sound system, streaming boxes, receivers, and other equipment. Take the time to do that so you can use your new TV remote as a universal remote and won’t have to be juggling tons of remotes while trying to watch your favorite TV shows and movies.
Once you have set everything up, you can begin using your TV and watching and recording shows. You may need to pair the TV with other devices, but you should be able to consult the user manual for help on that.

Sign Up for a New TV Warranty to Protect Your Investment

Another big step when buying a new TV is to protect your investment with an extended warranty. Smart TVs are complex with many tiny components and mechanical parts, and things go wrong. Even if you are super careful installing it, you could still experience manufacturing defects down the road, well after your initial warranty runs out.
And, although your TV should come with a manufacturing warranty, it does little to protect the TV. Most manufacturing warranties are limited and only cover internet defects for a short time. Therefore, if you expect to keep your new TV for a long time and want it to work, you need to protect it with an Upsie TV warranty.
Upsie’s extended warranty protects your TV against screen burn-in, mechanical issues, power failure, speaker/sound issues, dead pixels, and much more! In addition, there is no deductible to worry about, and you can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
The best part is that Upsie costs up to 70% less than most extended warranties, and you can choose between a 2-year, 3-year, and 5-year plan. Because Upsie’s warranties are affordable and comprehensive, it saves you money over the long term.
You can access claims 24/7 and schedule an in-home repair or take the TV to your local certified repair technician. If they can’t fix it, Upsie will replace it on the first claim. And an Upsie new TV warranty is transferable if you ever sell or give away the TV later.
Rest assured, your precious new TV is fully protected with Upsie!

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