Compare Upsie Versus Allstate for TV Extended Warranties

Today’s intelligent TVs do a lot more than just broadcast television shows. People often use these versatile devices to stream content, access apps, browse the internet, interface with intelligent home systems, and play games.
When consumers invest in a feature-rich television, they expect to rely upon it every day for a long time. Therefore, TV buyers will want to consider the benefits of an extended warranty to go along with their new television. Compare two well-known TV warranty companies, Upsie versus Allstate (formerly known as SquareTrade), to determine which one offers the most value.

Why Buy an Extended Warranty for a TV?

According to HomeGuide, TV repairs average around $200 to $300. The most expensive repairs might generate a bill of $1,000 or even more. Higher costs generally include repairs to expensive parts, like high-definition screens.
Also, today’s TV sets weigh much less than the models from a couple of decades ago. Still, many people have their sets mounted on the wall, so they still prefer in-home service calls. Getting a skilled technician to visit in-home will usually result in an extra fee for a service call.
A high-quality extended warranty will prevent unexpected repair bills, offer prompt access to certified repair services, and ensure long-lasting performance. Good TV protection plans should cover repairs, parts, and in-home service calls.

TV Warranties From Upsie Versus Allstate SquareTrade

At first glance, the most apparent differences between Allstate and Upsie warranty plans include:
  • Plan choices: Allstate offers a selection between two years and four years of extended warranty protection. Upsie gives its members a choice between three options, including two-year, three-year, and five-year plans.
  • The price: For a $1,000 TV, Allstate charges $104.99 for a two-year plan and $189.99 for four years. Upsie charges only $85.99 for two years, $115.99 for three years, and $199.99 for five years. Upsie customers can enjoy five years of extended warranty protection for just $10 more than four years with Allstate’s SquareTrade.
For televisions, both companies offer in-home service, no-deductible repairs, and 24-7 claims services. Both plans provide robust coverage for various services, including power, screen, mechanical, and electrical issues. If TV repairs don’t make sense, these warranty providers will offer to replace the set.
Upsie explicitly mentions screen burn-in, a common problem with some kinds of televisions. Since so many TVs depend upon wireless connectivity to the internet, Upsie also covers WiFi connectivity issues.

Getting Started With Upsie Warranty Insurance for TV Sets

Retailers often offer warranties at checkout and earn a commission when they sell protection plans, inflating the price of the warranty. In contrast, Upsie sells its warranties directly to consumers. As such, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from competitors.
The Federal Trade Commission clarifies that consumers have the right to purchase warranty protection from any company they choose. Shoppers should never feel pressured to buy the warranty offered at the time of sale, and instead, they should compare benefits and prices to choose the best deal. Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for any TV bought within the last 11 months.
To get started, visit the Upsie TV extended warranty page and choose the brand and product. Upsie clearly outlines transparent plan details, options, and prices. Besides TVs, Upsie also covers home theater components and a variety of appliances and electronics.
Upsie offers reliable warranties, so consumers can rely on their TVs longer.

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