Samsung The Frame: Is This Art TV Worth the Price?

How can the most exquisitely styled room incorporate a TV into the decor? Samsung’s The Frame TV offers an innovative solution. The outer bezel resembles a picture frame, and the TV can display art, so it looks just like a framed picture. The TV comes with several art selections. TV owners can use their own images or purchase more from Samsung.

What’s Different About Samsung’s The Frame TV?

According to CNET, Samsung recently updated The Frame TV with an anti-glare, matte screen, so it mimics art even more closely. However, even without this upgrade, most people won’t notice the difference between this set and other framed artwork on the wall.
Even the pickiest decorators can find a way to incorporate The Frame TV into a room if they mount it on the wall, on a table, or easel-like stand. Most images of The Frame TV show it mounted on the wall. The device also comes with legs to set it on a table, and Samsung sells a compatible Studio Stand that resembles an easel and helps cover up unsightly cables.

Is Samsung The Frame TV a Good Value in 2022?

Samsung put the earlier version of The Frame TV on sale when they released this update. As a result, last year’s model might provide good value since the anti-glare screen only offers a minor update.
That’s especially true since an earlier CNET review of The Frame TV suggested it was somewhat overpriced. For instance:
  • The model’s specs as a TV compare to the MU8000 series of 4K TVs, which initially cost hundreds less.
  • CNET also mentioned that LG’s OLED TVs perform better and cost about the same as the original retail price.
Of course, people who want to buy a TV that can double as a framed masterpiece might not care as much about finding a deal. So, buyers who don’t mind paying extra for an innovative design should feel satisfied with the 2022 version. It’s not the best TV for the price, but it’s the best TV that doubles as framed art.

What’s the Best Extended Warranty for Samsung’s The Frame TV?

Upsie offers premium protection plans for Samsung TVs at affordable prices. In addition, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than retailers or manufacturers, ensuring that customers get the most value for their coverage.
Highlights of Upsie TV warranties include:
  • Up to 11 months to register a two-year, three-year, or five-year plan
  • No deductible for in-home service calls
  • 24-7 live claims by phone
  • The ability to transfer active warranties to new owners
  • Coverage for new and qualified pre-owned or refurbished sets
Most of all, Upsie covers the screen, mechanical, and electronic components of the TV. With Upsie’s complete coverage, TV owners can rest easy knowing their device is safe. In addition, if repairs don’t make sense on the first claim, Upsie will offer a replacement device. Upsie’s warranty plans offer an affordable, sensible way to protect your TV.

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