A Quick Guide to TCL TV Setup and Features

According to TechRadar, TCL appeals to consumers mostly because of its competitive price and reasonable combination of features and quality for the money. In its bid to gain a global share of the market, TCL has passed savings from efficient mass production to customers. They originally sold TVs in their native China but have since expanded to many other countries, including the United States. Since these are starter smart TV sets for many people, a quick guide to setup and features may prove helpful.

How to Turn on the TCL Roku TV Without a Remote

This quick guide on YouTube demonstrates how to turn on a TCL Roku TV without using the remote. A lot of people miss this, but the TV actually does have a power button. It’s just hidden under the bottom of the TV in the center.
Reach right under the TCL logo at the bottom of the TV:
  • The middle button turns the set on.
  • Pressing the middle button again allows navigation through different settings.
  • Buttons to the left and the right control the volume.

How to Cast to TCL Roku TV

TCL Roku TV owners can cast videos from a phone to a Roku TV. Just follow these simple steps:
  • Ensure both the TV and the other device access the same WiFi network.
  • Install the same app on both the TV and the other device.
  • On the mobile device, open the app and select the video to cast.
  • Tap the app’s casting icon.
  • When prompted to select a device, choose the Roku.
  • After completing these steps, the video should automatically launch on the TV set.

How to Browse the Internet on a TCL Smart TV

The TCL Roku TV doesn’t directly support web browsing at this time; however, there are still ways to to do it. Cord Cutters News said that the easiest method is to install the Web Browser X Roku Channel from the Roku Store (this is a paid app).
Users can also connect a computer, phone, or other device to the Roku TV for screen sharing. As an example, in Windows 10, there is a Project button on the Windows Taskbar. This allows the user to project any windows screen to another device connected on the same network.

How to Connect a Soundbar to a TCL TV

TCL Support says that most of their TVs support connecting a soundbar through the HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) port on the back of the set. It’s important to use a cable that supports the ARC feature.
Since the TVs come with HDMI ARC disabled, follow these instructions to enable it:
  • From the Home screen, find Settings and then System.
  • Select Control Other Devices and then HDMI ARC.
  • Press the OK button to enable the HDMI ARC feature.

How to Reset a TCL TV

From time to time, users may want to return the TCL TV to its factory settings. Sometimes, people do this to resolve issues or transfer the TV set to another owner. Note that this function will erase all preferences set previously in favor of the settings from the factory.
Follow these instructions for a factory reset:
  • Under the Home screen, find System and then Settings.
  • Select Advanced System Settings, Factory Reset, and Factory Reset Everything.
  • The screen will provide a code. Enter that code, press OK, and the system will reset.

How to Fix a TCL TV That Won’t Turn On

Asking how to turn on a TCL TV that won’t power up normally appears as a common question. First, it’s a good idea to check remote batteries and the TV cord. Also, ensure that the TV remote sensor isn’t dirty or blocked. Finally, try using the power button under the TCL logo on the bottom of the set to see if a malfunctioning remote caused the problem.
If that doesn’t work, it’s time to seek advice from a warranty company or the manufacturer.

How to Protect a New TV With an Extended Warranty

Even though most people find TCL TVs relatively inexpensive when compared to other top brands, they have a reputation for reasonable quality. Of course, consumers should compare various brands to make sure they get the best TV for their own needs and budgets.
Cheaper smart TVs may simply lack all of the features and perfect picture resolution of more expensive models. Still, every smart TV on the market has some vulnerabilities because of the delicate, complex components.
That’s why prudent consumers should consider an Upsie extended TV warranty in order to protect their investment. A TV extended warranty will ensure buyers that they can get in-home service from a qualified, certified technician in case of screen, power, connection, and many other common problems. Purchase a TCL extended TV warranty from Upsie within 11 months of buying a new set to enjoy 24/7 customer claims, in-home repairs, and an affordable plan price.

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