Common LG TV Problems to Consider Before Buying

Global television sales are expected to reach $266 million annually by 2025, so you're not alone if you are trying to find the right new television for your home. Regardless, it is challenging to find the right TV that has everything you want and doesn't come with its own inherent shortcomings.

Buying a TV Takes Time and Research

Buying a TV can feel overwhelming when you start to look at the hundreds of available options. You have to do a massive amount of research to find something that checks your list of desired specifications, but some things can get lost in the pile of information. Unfortunately, while TVs are brimming with features and specifications you want, some come with flaws. It helps to know about those when you buy so you can get a high quality protection plan from Upsie that will keep the movie credits rolling.

LG Is a Popular TV Brand for You to Consider

The South Korean electronics manufacturer LG offers television consumers a vast array of options for your next TV. A few of the top LG TV series include the OLED, NanoCell, 4K Ultra HD and the Signature ZX 8K.
    • OLED: LG created its OLED TVs to produce perfect black with self-lit pixels to enhance image details in the picture's dark areas.
    • NanoCel: The NanoCell features nan particles that render true color.
    • 4K Ultra HD: 4K is today's benchmark in picture quality, and LG has developed its own version using active HDR to offer you a cinematic experience.
    • QNED MiniLED TVs: This is LG's brightest TV for a dynamic viewing experience.
    Beyond the basic series, model and screen size you want, there are many other factors to keep in mind, such as any known problems with the product.

    Consumers and Critics Have Found Some Common LG TV Problems You Should Be Aware of Before Buying

    With all top electronics brands, sometimes issues affect the product and the consumer's experience. The truth is that TVs are not made to stand the test of time the way they once were, which is why manufacturer extended warranties or third-party protection plans have become invaluable to smart consumers like you. However, performing some due diligence about what is available, what works well, and what has some flaws will help.
    You should be aware of any problems you might face and if the company is willing to cover those problems with a warranty or protection plan. Some key issues with LG TVs include the following.


    My Daily Alerts reports that one of the LG TV problems includes banding, which is sometimes called false contouring or posterization. It looks like unrealistic solid strips of color in areas that should remain smooth to the eye. Many consumers have reported this issue, but LG has not yet indicated any plans to create a long-term fix for current TV owners or to make corrections for future releases. While you can do workarounds for temporary solutions, we hope it's something LG fixes in the future. Make sure to visit your local store to look for signs of banding on display models.


    Color issues with LG TVs actually start with the phenomenon of the device turning itself on and off, which is followed by a popping noise. At the end of this series of events is when the colors, such as greens, change. This is another issue to monitor in the store when looking at showroom models.


    Some consumers have reported a lack of sound output, which can sometimes be remedied by doing a hard turn-off and turn-on. Connect external speakers to help you detect if the sound has returned. In a new television, you should not need to take these steps. If they bought a protection plan upfront, most customers would want to refer to the company they bought it from to get the problem repaired to avoid such inconveniences.


    According to Forbes, OLED TVs have problems with the latest HDMI 2.1 format, paired with new graphics. Owners report that the OLEDs aren't handling the highest quality outputs properly with the new RTX 30 Series cards. This issue might be something LG refines with upcoming releases and updates to the current models.


    LG TV owners have reported issues streaming from popular platforms like Netflix and Hulu. There are some solution ideas that you can check out, but if problems persist, look at your manufacturer's warranty or your third-party protection plan.

    Make Sure Your Protection Choice Is In Tip-Top Shape

    Buy a manufacturer's extended warranty or a third-party protection plan to give you confidence and to make sure you get the most use out of your new TV purchase. Upsie offers the most comprehensive LG TV protection plans for TVs purchased in the last 4 years, as long as they are working when you buy the protection plan. Upsie also has the most competitive prices in the industry costing less than manufacturer extended warranties or protection plans offered at the store - all without Upsie compromising on coverage and caring for the customer. Contact the Upsie customer service team to learn more about LG TV warranty coverage!

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