Comparing Nothing Tech Versus Samsung Tech

What's in a name? For one start-up company, the answer is simple: Nothing. That's the mindset currently being adopted by several different heavy hitters in the technology world. What could the inventor of the iPad, the CEO of Reddit, and the co-founder of Twitch all be sinking their time and, more importantly, their money into? Nothing, really.

Making Something out of Nothing

With the puns and wordplay out of the way, it's time to talk about what exactly is going on with Nothing. To put it in simple terms, this memorable name references a startup financed by some of the most influential people in the business. At the head of the company is founder Carl Pei, who previously helped co-found OnePlus. Offering well-designed smartphones at entry-level prices, OnePlus has developed a loyal fanbase.
Pei's vision for Nothing seems to echo the OnePlus approach: offer a range of quality products to a market already oversaturated with expensive gadgets. There's some value in this solution. After all, there is certainly demand for more modestly priced smartphones and electronics.
To meet this vision, the company has spent months rounding up funding from the aforementioned tech titans already responsible for some of the world's most popular devices and services. With one device already available to consumers — and another on its way — Nothing is ready to compete with the likes of Apple and, more specifically, Samsung.

The Nothing Ear (1)

As the first device released from Nothing, the curiously named ear (1) earbuds have garnered pretty strong praise from reviewers. They cost only $99. As a result, they are a lower-priced alternative to Apple's AirPods Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds2 models. They sport active noise cancellation, a huge perk for today's users. More importantly, they are super light and comfortable to wear.
Nothing went for simplicity with this first product launch. This approach has already paid off. The ear (1) buds stack up fairly well against Samsung's more expensive Galaxy Buds live, which cost $169.

The Nothing Phone (1)

On March 23, Nothing announced their second project: the Phone (1). Of course, this news didn't surprise anyone, as it was just a matter of time before the co-founder of OnePlus took the wraps off his latest phone strategy.
The Phone (1) will feature a stripped-down, basic version of Android similar to Google's own Pixel phones. It's interesting to note that, while the Nothing ear (1) seems to be aiming to steal customers from Samsung, the Phone (1) is looking to step on the Pixel's toes.
Tech-savvy consumers itching to take the Phone (1)'s operating system through its paces can do so this summer. The Nothing OS launcher will be available before the Phone (1), giving users the ability to try before they buy. This is an interesting strategy, especially given the company's very specific marketing and stylistic choices.
The dot-matrix aesthetic and bare-bones retro throwback motif will definitely appeal to some, but can it go mainstream? As is usually the case, substance will trump style. While no pricing details have been released, it's safe to say that the Phone (1) will occupy the same budget-friendly space that OnePlus phones currently hold.
The question remains: how does the Phone (1) impact Samsung and its smartphone strategy? It's hard to tell right now. Samsung offers more affordable phones such as the Galaxy S9+, but these low-end models will never be the primary focus. There could be a day in the future where Nothing smartphones — perhaps the Phone 5 or 6 — do battle with the premium Samsung Galaxy offerings. For now, however, it appears as if Nothing is picking a fight with Google.

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