Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S22

The long-awaited Galaxy S22 is finally here. But does it live up to expectations? Currently priced from $800, hopes are high. Thankfully, Samsung has once again pulled it out of the bag with its latest smartphone. Feature-packed and costing the same as the comparable iPhone 13 from Apple, there's plenty to look forward to for buyers.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S22's launch comes only weeks after the arrival of the Galaxy S21 FE. The S21 FE was slated for an earlier release. However, global supply chain issues meant that Samsung had to delay things. This delay pushed the hotly anticipated Fan Edition handset's launch closer and closer to that of the next-generation S22.
Experts had thought that the same supply chain issues would have pushed back the launch of the Galaxy S22, too. Yet, Samsung fans need not have worried, as the brand worked hard to remain on schedule with its latest product launch.
That's true in the U.S., at least. Officially launched at Samsung Unpacked on February 9, 2022, U.S. customers were invited to pre-order immediately for deliveries beginning on February 25.
However, elsewhere worldwide, including in Europe and Australia, customers will be forced to wait a little longer. Across different markets, Samsung has also advised customers to expect availability to vary between the standard Galaxy S22, the larger S22 Plus, and the range-topping S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Price

Before its official unveiling, Samsung Galaxy S22 rumors suggested that the next-generation smartphone would cost just under $900. That would've made the S22 around $100 more expensive than the outgoing Galaxy S21 at $799. And while the latest Galaxy-branded smartphone from Samsung has indeed incurred a price increase, it's a lesser increase than was predicted. With that, the manufacturer has announced a price of $849.99.
So, while it's costlier than the comparable last-generation handset, it's $50 cheaper than many people expected. Better still, Samsung has further surprised buyers by offering pre-orders at just $799.99 – the same price as the handset it replaces.
Samsung has also granted early customers the opportunity to upgrade from the entry-level 128GB Galaxy S22 to the more expensive 256GB device at no extra cost.
By contrast, anyone looking to order the older Galaxy S21 in 256GB guise for immediate delivery would need to pay $849.99. That's $50 *more* than the next-generation S22 model costs as a pre-order, at least for as long as Samsung's discount and the free upgrade lasts, anyway. It's an interesting turn of events, for sure.

Notable Features

So, with pricing and availability confirmed, what can buyers of the long-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S22 expect from their new smartphone?
There's no arguing with the fact that the outgoing Samsung Galaxy S21 remains an excellent phone. Ultimately, the Galaxy S22 simply builds upon this. Where the S22 excels is in maintaining its predecessor's small and lightweight form factor. Unfortunately, it's something that's becoming rarer and rarer as new generations of smartphones keep on getting bigger.
The Samsung Galaxy S22 is even a fraction smaller overall. The Galaxy S22's screen now measures 6.1 inches versus the 6.2-inch display on the S21. The S22 also gets an improved primary camera, albeit at the slight expense of its arguably less valuable telephoto offering, which in turn now delivers a lower resolution than previously.
Strictly in terms of upgrades, the Galaxy S22's new, faster, and more efficient processor is probably its biggest selling point. Not that the S21 was ever a slouch. But the S22 should, at least on paper, be significantly faster and offer superior overall performance as a result. The new phone also gets a more premium-feeling glass back rather than the plastic finish on the previous model.
The broader Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup differs more significantly between the S22 Plus and S22 Ultra. Here, the two larger and costlier handsets differ more extensively from their predecessors, especially in the shape of the S22 Ultra. However, strictly regarding the 6.1-inch Galaxy S22, Samsung appears to have sought to stick largely to the recipe that made last year's S21 so successful.

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